Day 58: Frequent Flyers

We have been at Denver International Airport for several hours now and are finally getting ready to go home. We had a great visit, enjoying our family and friends and celebrating Memorial Day together.

PopPop graduated from West Point in 1943 and shared many stories with us. We are very proud of him and MamMam.


At DIA, the kids passed the time shopping at the toy store and sampling food at Jamba Juice, Pizza Hut, and Itza Bowl, Itza Wrap. Enjoying food was definitely a theme for the weekend!

Day 60: Colorado Springs

We were up at 4:15 am to catch a 7 am flight this morning. The kids were dressed and ready before us. They each had their own backpacks loaded with electronic devices, books, paper and pens, gum and crackers. They are so easy to travel with now that they’re older.


We are in Colorado Springs to visit the kids great grandparents, and Aunt Debbie. It’s always so nice to visit them, especially on Memorial Day weekend. Jeff’s grandpa also went to West Point and served in WW2. They have so many stories to share that we appreciate and value.

A favorite activity wherever we travel is the swimming pool, much to Jeff’s chagrin! I totally get it and love how much fun they have together.


Hope you enjoy the long weekend!