Mind Space

I’m so thankful that school is back in session. I finally can think again without constant interruptions.

I am thankful for open mind space that is mine to fill. Now if I could only prioritize how to fill the gaps.

When you have more free time, what do you choose to do?

I always choose to exercise. I spend way too much time on Facebook. I tend to clean and organize my house when I have extra time, and I plan and cook dinners. I always think I’ll sit and read or work on my photo projects, but I typically never do that. Hmmm. I wonder why. Usually I’ll pick up my phone and check email, texts, Instagram, etc.

Today I was thankful for the 11,000 plus steps shared hiking with ML and chatting the entire way. It felt good to get out in the sunshine and exercise and be with my BFF!!

Did you get some free time to think for yourself today? I hope so!