Day 245: Art on a Plate

I had a fabulous lunch at Aan de Poel in Amstelveen today with some new, beautiful, international friends. I loved the leisurely lunch with excellent service and no rush, yet timely and attentive service. It was the best service I’ve experienced in Holland. It’s no wonder why they have earned two Michelin stars.

We all had a great time sharing stories and enjoying the waterfront views and artistic presentation of the different flavorful dishes we were served from the chef’s menu.

The best part of lunch was the company, shared laughter and connections. The second best part was not having to choose what to order. I liked that the menu was decided, and the waiter would explain what each dish was as it arrived. Every dish was a surprise to me and didn’t disappoint. I loved all the flavor combinations, presentation and colors of each plate and entree, and the small portion sizes.



I can’t remember what all the dishes were called, but the dessert plate was apple served five ways with a feta sorbet. All was very interesting and delicious and quite the experience. The ambiance was fantastic too!