Youth Sports

Sometimes I love them and sometimes I despise how much time they take. Don’t get me wrong. I want my kids to play and be active and to be part of a team and I love watching them. 

I want all the benefits and yet sometimes the work (hours of practices and games and driving all around and interruptions and managing logistics and uniforms) makes me want to throw in the towel.

Although tonight, I was so into the game and the action and watching Juliana’s team gel and work together and play well as a team. I was jumping out of my seat with excitement and cheering and enjoying being in the moment. I loved watching them go from playing conservatively, to full on dominating the game with assertiveness. I am thankful that she is dedicated and working hard and learning and growing and loving it. I am thankful that I was able to be there, to observe and to share in her moment on a gorgeous fall evening and that sports are a big part of our family experience.

I love sports and I love athleticism and I know that it’s all worth it. I am reminded that usually what brings us joy requires work and dedication and determination.

It’s all worth it.


Sporty Family

I love that my family loves sports. I had a singles tennis match this morning and won! Winning is always fun, but I am also just as happy to be playing and improving my own game and compete against myself. The woman I was playing today was sick with a cold too, just like me, so we were both struggling but happy to be out of the house.

Charlie had a baseball game in the warm sunshine and lost by 4 points. I was able to make it to watch for a few innings with Jeff and Juliana before I had to leave for a second tennis match. We won our doubles match in a tie break and I was determined not to lose because I was tired from by previous match. Jeff and Juliana came out to watch and support me and I was thankful they were there.

I love that we all can enjoy our individual sports and enjoy watching each other play. It’s fun to be outside and supporting one another too. Christian was busy studying for finals and couldn’t join us. Maybe studying is a sport too!?!

What sports do you and your family play? Do you enjoy playing or watching or both?

Playing two tennis matches today and walking around in between was equivalent to walking 9.54 miles or 21,495 steps!!


Life is good!!