Day 3 of Break

hello BeLoveRs 

I just love that word –  how simple would the world be if we were happy just BEing? We could just BE Love in all its forms. We could BE Lovers of life, of ourselves and of others and of whatever we love. There’s the simple secret all wrapped into this pretty little made up word. I don’t think it’s a real word, is it?  But now it is to me and you.

Today I was happy just sitting outside doing nothing. I ate a late lunch out on the sunny back patio, all by myself. I talked to my sister about her nursing applications and was so happy that she was happy and on her way. I am proud of her. 


Soon Charlie came outside to be with me. We moved to the couch and just sat together for probably an hour with nothing to do and just enjoyed being. We laughed and sang made up songs and texted Juliana, exchanging pictures between what we were doing in the USA and what she was doing in Japan. 


He worked on putting baseball stickers all over his new toothbrush and he told me I’m the best mama and that he loves me. What more do I need?


I’ve learned that when you slow down and create space, really good things can happen. 

Finally on Day 3, I am happy that we are home for spring break. I enjoyed shopping with Charlie this morning and bringing Christian to his appointments and meeting Jeff for dinner in Mountain View and family FaceTiming with Juliana.  


These are the days that make up the simple life. These are the days that represent just being and going with the flow and create peace. These are our days.  Here I am.

nAMaste. Enjoy your days.

Face Time

Since I’m feeling better, I thought I’d change things up and share something different.

Here’s some corporate lingo so you can sound smart! I found a box of corporate flash cards on the shelf when I was moving books around.

These are stupid things to make you laugh and I liked this one about face time.

Have you ever requested face time with someone? Not this way, but now we have a verb – to FaceTime someone, as in: Do you wanna FaceTime, meaning have a real time, video chat?

I can see us wanting more face time since everyone seems to have a phone in their face now. Next time I want to get together with someone, I’m going to text them and ask for some face time and see what kind of response I’ll get. I’ll probably get a selfie or my phone will start vibrating with a FaceTime request.

I miss your face!!

Day 180: The Blessings of Skype and FaceTime

While I was washing the dishes, I decided to call my mom in California. To my surprise, all my nieces and my dad were at home with her. I was so excited to see all their faces using FaceTime on my phone and then Skype on the bigger computer screen.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in the States, which means the public schools are closed and the reason my parents are with the grand kids. They were talking about going to get chocolate chip donuts and were headed to the park. It looks like a beautiful, sunshine filled day in California! I’m so glad we got to see their view!


We showed them our snow covered yard and told them how we were walking on the frozen canals and were going to make snow ice cream tonight.

We’re also baking chocolate chip cookies for Charlie’s class to celebrate his half birthday, sine he’s a summer birthday child. In Holland, they use baking paper or bakpapier to line their cookie sheets. Always something new to learn while living abroad!