Day 63 – A little bit of this and a little bit of that


I’m not too busy! That’s my new motto. Today I found my newest card partner and I’m so excited! Playing cards is one of my favorite summer past-times and today we broke out the cards. Little does she know, she’s in for a challenge! ¬†ūüėČ

Today I played tennis, talked with my new friend and expat consultant and gathered a few tips, cooked a savory family dinner that the kids loved, helped with math homework, took two kids to sports practice, and talked with an international moving consultant. I washed dishes and folded and put away laundry and decluttered the castle. I helped two new Stella & Dot Stylists and helped a Stella & Dot customer with her order. So that’s just a little bit of this and that from my non-busy day! ¬†Now it’s time to go relax, and look… it’s not even midnight yet!! ¬†Life is good!

Day 67: A Broad Abroad

At my Stella & Dot Trunk Show on Thursday, I met a woman who is an Expat from Canada and an Expat Consultant. How lucky was I? I joined Stella & Dot to meet new friends and now Marian and I are meeting for coffee next week.  Lucky me!

After the party, she emailed me a list of moving companies, books, and websites to check out. Today I downloaded the book, A Broad Abroad – and have been reading it all day on my Kindle, while at the boys soccer and baseball games! ¬†It’s always nice to learn from others who have been there, done that, and I’ve already gotten so many great tips from the author. They say that a successful expat experience depends on the wife’s happiness and independence. So far, so good.¬†

A highlight of my day was choosing to stay home with the kids tonight to cook and bake together. Since J isn’t playing sports this season due to her broken elbow, we decided baking could be her sport. So the boys had to come and watch her play, just like she came and watched them all day. She’s into fondant and baking cakes. The boys are having fun with her too, as active observers, cheering her on. ¬†They’re now anxiously waiting to bite in after the decorating is done. ¬†Much better than playdoh!



Day 71 – Good Bones


Mother’s Day Roses from my Mama

Well, it feels like things are coming together – at least the “bones” are in place. Jeff is in Amsterdam this week and is meeting with a lawyer to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. He’s securing the office space for the new company, and opening a bank account and obtaining a BSN – something like a Social Security Number here in the States. ¬†He’s going by to check out our new house and sign a lease – hopefully it’s as nice as it looks in pictures. ¬†He’s visiting with Tommy, his colleague and friend that lives in Haarlem. I’m sure he’ll have some fun and a couple of biertjes while he’s there too, and hopefully get some rest! ¬†He’s been going full-speed.

I woke up at 2 am to see if the admissions officer from the school had responded yet. I had to get a couple more documents and reports before they could make their decision whether or not to accept our family. The good news was it was worth waking up for! We are in!  All 3 kids will be at the same school with our friends from Palo Alto!  This excites me and was worth waking up for!

So the bones and structure are now in place – now it’s time to start filling in the details! ¬†Still need to call a moving company, decide what to pack and leave behind, how to ship our car and how long will it take…plus lots of playing still to do!¬†

I’m not busy – just really enjoying every fun-filled minute.¬†