Celebrations Begin

It’s that time of year.  

Time for new dresses and nice outfits and more work and stress and anticipation and anxiety and excitement.  Don’t cha love it??

The end of the school year is upon us and we are busy preparing and getting ready for all the fun and living it up.

It is definitely a busy season building up to the crescendo and then we can relax with the beginning of summer.  Juliana is counting down the days.

Tonight we celebrated Charlie by attending his classroom open house and seeing his work.

  This was the forced shot just for me…he didn’t understand why I was taking pictures.  This is the FB worthy photo when actually he looked and felt more like this:

 I think he just wanted to eat his celebratory cookie and have me leave him alone.    
After the classroom visit was his concert with 149 other classmates.  I can’t believe one person can lead that many people so gracefully and calmly. I watched him tune probably 50 violins and violas before the performance. He was able to do that while still maintaining order. I was so impressed.  I was also impressed with our kids’ talents. I was thankful that Charlie stuck with it this year and practiced and learned how to play a new instrument.


We have a great, multicultural and supportive community.

Life is worth celebrating!


Almost Summer

It feels like summer now. It’s staying lighter out later and the weather is warming. I am ready.

I am starting to transition and I’m loving the feelings of anticipation for my favorite season to begin.

The kids finish school this week and our schedule is all wonky. That’s ok – it’s just another signal that our schedule is about to change and I like it.

I’m ready for my 6:15 am weekly alarm to be turned off.


I’m ready to stop making 3 different lunches at 7 am.

I’m ready to not have 3 different schools and 3 different times to drop off kids and pick them up.

I’m excited for the unity to return and hopefully a bit less chaos.

I’m ready to have my kids back with me for more hours of the day – to explore, to learn, to share and to love.

I’m ready for vacation time. We have 10 weeks to make our own and we’re beginning to carve out a loose plan. I like to have some planned activities and lots of down time too, to fill up as we wish depending on how we feel each day.

We started playing yesterday, by driving to pick up Jeff from work and going to pick up Indian food for dinner. We typically wouldn’t be able to do this on a normal week, as we’d have sports practices and homework. Today I took Christian and his friends for ice cream after school, as it was my last day to drive the carpool. These are some great teenagers and I love that I get to spend some time with all of them each week and am going to miss seeing them. I’m hoping they’ll still get together over the summer.

Later today, I took two of my kids with me to Costco after school. That was a mistake!! I have to remember not to take additional shoppers with me as it doubles the time, doubles the questions and doubles the bill!!  I’m much better off shopping alone! Lesson learned.  😉

Bring on summer. I am ready! What are your summer plans? Do you enjoy the summer months?

Happy Summer!!

Day 329: Goodbyes Suck


Letting go… namaste

I had the best day again today.

Yet I am fully aware of the change that is looming.

As I live in the moment and enjoy these last 3 weeks in Europe and the last few days of school, I am feeling the heaviness of what’s to come.

I feel extreme joy in the celebration of life with good friends, fully aware of the loss I’m going to feel when we say goodbye for the summer… for the school year… for the end of this journey.

Today I went paddling for 1 1/2 hours with Barbara and enjoyed being on the water. Afterwards, we swung from a rope swing over and into the water and swam to the dock, just like kids.  Can you see the smile that was on my face? I did yoga on the board before coming in and the picture above is me relaxing and letting go. What a perfect way to spend the morning.  Thank you, my friend!

Jen invited me to join her for a sushi lunch. I learned from her that sometimes it takes awhile for friendships to bloom and a year just isn’t long enough!  But once you establish roots, I think you can go anywhere and pick up where you left off, right Jen? I’m going to believe that! And if Lucy can Facetime with you from Russia, surely I can figure out how to keep in touch from America.

Finally, we had a swim party for the kids to celebrate with their friends and mine. What kids don’t like swimming? They were all so happy and the parents enjoyed chatting and relaxing too while the kids played. I received a wonderful, personalized, handmade pottery gift from Bob that really meant a lot to me. He’s been taking a pottery class and took the time to create something special for our family.  I’d share it, but it has an inscription with our address, that I’ll save to share after we move. Thank you, Bob!  What a cool and unique gift!! I love it.  As we left the pool, two friends came home with us for a pizza dinner and a sleepover. I’ve got to make sure they are living it up too and bending all the rules. Change is good!

I know change is coming and I’m ok with that, but it doesn’t change how I feel about it. It sucks to have to say goodbye, yet I know we have to and I know we can keep in touch and possibly see our friends again, but our day to day lives together are about to change. And that makes me sad, even though I know what waits for us back home is good.

It’s that yin and yang thing again… the constant in life. The constant balancing and rebalancing and adapting. I think I’m getting the hang of it, and know how to do it, but I’m feeling it. Can you feel it? Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s probably no different for the mama’s sending their babies off to college this year… it’s the right thing to do, change is happening, growth is occurring and new stages are developing, but not without a sense of loss and letting go.

So today I wish us all the peace to let go, and to know how and when, and to breathe, and to feel it and to smile and to move on with grace. The way we are supposed to, even when it’s hard and it sucks and it’s ok.