Domestic Goddess Taxi Driver

Sometimes my life must sound so glamorous. Haha!  Just kidding, but it’s really not. I truly try to make the most of every day and to fit so many things in before I crash onto my pillow at night. I rise at 6:15 am and begin working right away – decluttering and starting laundry and the dishwasher and helping with breakfast and lunches before heading out at 7:15 am with drop offs, unless Jeff does the drop offs and I get to continue cleaning!

I wanted to share what the second half of my day looked like, after cleaning toilets and bedrooms and shopping at Costco. Oh, and being present to see my son’s speech as he was running for President of his school today and WON!!  

This was definitely the highlight of my day. Congratulations Charlie and to all his friends who were so brave and prepared such great posters and speeches and took the risk to stand in front of their classmates to share their stories, hopes and dreams to become future council members.  They were truly amazing and talented fifth graders! I am so proud of them.

So back to the second half of my day… I am basically a taxi driver with 15 minute – 45 minute gaps in between my driving hours from 2:30 pm until 8:30 pm.  Here’s what today looked like, however Jeff was working locally today and was able to help me with our shuttle service.

2:30 Pick up Juliana from school

3:00 Pick up Christian from school

4:00 Drop off Christian to practice

5:00 Drop off Charlie to practice

6:00 Drop off Juliana to practice

6:30 Pick up Charlie from practice

7:00 Pick you Christian from practice

8:00 Pick up Juliana from practice.

Isn’t that so glamorous?  Just kiddin’ But I did enjoy feeling the sunset on my face as I waited in the car and seeing the huge, red sun setting as we drove home after Christian’s practice.

Life is good!

I hope your domestic life is beautiful. Have a great weekend, my BeLoveRs. xo


There is a lot of discussion right now about the mom title and it makes me quite curious.

For some reason, people struggle with the title and are looking for a new term to describe stay at home moms.

My favorite title is just mom or mama.

We are all mamas – whether paid or unpaid, working inside the home or working outside the home. We are all working moms and we are all full time moms. We are all the same. We are loving moms.

We are all homemakers or domestic goddesses and we do our best and are so lucky when we get to choose how best to support our families. Some of us are maybe more efficient than others. Some of us have more free time. Some of us have more meaningful experiences. Some of us do our shopping and cleaning during the day and some in the evenings or on weekends. We are all working and we all love our kids.

Whether you stay home and work or go to an offsite workplace, we are both the same and I like you, mama! xoxo


Working mama! 🙂