Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Along with the change your mind theme, sometimes you just don’t feel on/right/happy/up/positive/etc. That’s okay! It’s actually normal. 

What do you do when you’re having an “off” day?

I woke up with one of those moods for no apparent reason. I was like, uh-oh!! I saw it. I felt it. I wanted to zap it right away. But the feeling was just there and didn’t want to leave. 

What did I do?

1.  Acknowledged the off feeling.

2. Decided I didn’t want to be off, even though I felt it.

3. Faked it until I made a difference.

4. Went through the motions, even though I felt resistance. I didn’t stop and kept going, even when I wanted to just take a nap.

5. Enjoyed my day anyway, despite the lingering negative feelings.  I was happy with my experience even though I was unhappy on the inside and waited patiently for peace to arrive.

6. Made jokes about being mad and laughed at myself.  I was pretending I was mad and saying funny things.  This made me laugh.

7. Spoiled my daughter.

8. Did my chores.

9. Dressed up and met a friend for dinner and drinks.

10.  Went for a long walk with my BFF.

Guess what?  Love, laughter and determination wins. I came home happy again and the negative feelings were gone. But it took awhile!!


I think the walk and laughter and time with my family and friends made a big difference in my day. I think knowing I didn’t feel good and not acting on that feeling was key too. 

How do you handle stress? What makes you feel better?

Happiness Awaits

I was in a bad mood today. I was frustrated and irrational.

Yes, it’s true. Just ask my family. I have my neurotic moments. I hate these feelings as much as they do.

I thought about my post from yesterday about happiness, asking myself if I was happy and I was definitely not, at that moment. I like to practice what I share. I asked myself, “do you want to be happy?” And at that moment I wanted to be mad and did not want to release and let go. I stayed mad and quiet and wanted to feel what I was feeling, but not for long.

I received a text from my friend saying just the right words at the right time. We were supposed to meet up and I was running late.

Wanna know what her text said?

It was so simple and perfect timing.

It said, “Happiness Awaits.” How did she even know? She didn’t and that was a beautiful thing.

That’s all I needed to read to change my angry mind.

I was ready to be happy again and gave myself the rest of the car ride to get over myself.

I decided to make a change. I chose to be happy and believe it or not, was. I let go. I surrendered and enjoyed myself despite what I was feeling 10 minutes before. It was that simple and that sincere. No joke.

Our minds are so flippin’ powerful. We just have to decide what we really want and surrender. We have to be focused and determined and have to fight for what we really want, and not allow our irrational feelings win.

Love wins.

Happiness awaits.

When we choose.

Be happy, BeLoveRs. It’s so much better than the alternative.