I See Him Changing

I was sleeping and sitting up in my rocking chair because my head was congested and I couldn’t sleep lying down last night. 

My perspective was shifted, as he walked into the kitchen and I could see him through the darkness and dawn’s early light from my chair.  I liked this image.

I enjoyed this new view and waking up to him, watching him get his favorite morning meal, a bowl of cereal and milk by himself, which he normally does, but I’m usually busy moving and doing and miss the observing part.  He is taller now and I noticed him growing up right there, in this moment.

It’s not that I don’t recognize the changes normally, it’s just that I had a different perspective this morning and I wasn’t in a rush and I was just observing the morning and him being there, growing up just like, that and eating simple cereal.

I noticed the piles of laundry waiting to be sorted and the cat sprawled out in the bean bag chair. (It still seems strange to me that we live with animals.) The laundry can wait.

In this moment, I was content and thankful to be aware and to notice that my baby is growing up, even with my stuffy head!  Sometimes it’s cool to switch your perspective and to see things differently.

Life is good.

Got Grace?

I saw this on a bumper sticker today, and it stuck on my mind.

I think it’s the secret to overcoming tragedy, frustration and darkness. We don’t always get to pick the life we wish to experience, and when it changes as it always does, let’s hope we know what grace looks and feels like and can hold on.

I’ve been thinking about grace all day, and wish this for all who are suffering, at this moment, with the hope and knowledge that this too shall pass and life does and will get better again.

Sometimes the world is dark and chaotic and we’re not sure how we will get through the craziness. Grace is that calmness that takes over our body and leads us quietly forward as we navigate through the unknown, one foot in front of the other.

Grace allows us to positively face our fear and not lose control, and is something we can cling to as we figure out how to care for ourselves going forward, even when we are scared.

Grace is what saved me in my darkest hour and grace is what I wish for you, when you’re not sure of the way. Just remember, this too shall pass, and you are loved.



Day 264: Love and Light


This morning a family friend passed away from cancer. I grew up camping with Mike Lagas and his family since I was two years old. He wasn’t much older than me and it saddens me to think of his life passing so soon. On the same day, his grandmother also died. Sending condolences to the Lagas family.

Love and light are the words that seem to offer condolences. We send love to the person experiencing pain and pray that love and hope will bring them out of their current darkness, and back into the light again, all in time.


Today has been a bit dark for several people and especially for those at the Boston Marathon. I pray for peace and safety for the survivors, and healing for those injured. God bless those who were killed and their families and loved ones who have to continue living after this tragedy. Sending love and light.

We don’t have control over life, but we can continue to walk together, to support one another, and share love and light along the journey.


These blooming flowers were all seen today.