Day 26: Summer

Okay, this could be the best summer now that I’m getting the hang of relaxing and being at home-not-at-home-and-working.

We have time to be, time to relax, time to work and play and low stress. There is space, sacred space  at home and I’m finally embracing it. Hallelujah!!

So do you want to know what I’ve really loved this week?  I knew you’d ask…I am loving pet sitting for friends with Juliana. I have loved checking on the chickens everyday and filling their water and gathering their eggs with my kids. There was a simple joy in waiting for the eggs each day and awe in how this process even works. I loved watching them peck at the water tube too and hearing the clucking sounds they made.

I loved seeing the cats and their different personalities and appearance and how three different families have three different ways of feeding and raising their fur babies. I used to not be a pet lover and now I’ve changed and that’s pretty cool. I guess old dogs can learn new tricks.

How’s your summer going? What do you love about it?


Day 23: Summer


C is for Creating Space. Actually, it’s C for Charlie and he was using his new wood burning tools and enjoying our staycation at home this afternoon.

As I was sitting next to him, and designing and burning images with him, he asked me if this was what I was going to write about on my blog tonight. I found it interesting that he found it worthy of sharing and that he was curious whether I would want to share our experience. I told him I’d only share it if he wanted me to, as I respect his privacy. I find myself wanting to share less about their story as I share my “happily ever after”a that we’re living together.  Some experiences I want to burn on my brain only and hold close, especially as they’re getting bigger and aren’t little kids anymore.

I was thankful for the space we created, even though I resisted doing “nothing” today. Sometimes I guess I need the uncomfortable space of nothingness to enjoy the flowing moments like these that show up when you surrender.





Clear the Clutter

Clearing the clutter sparks joy! I love creating space and don’t want to stop. This invigorates me.

Today I cleared out my plates and bowls cupboard and removed all the small dishes that no longer spark joy.  I had so many little dishes for this and that and loved them once upon a time. I didn’t love the chaos behind the doors and today was the day to create space and to let go.  I touched each piece and thanked them for their service and their memories and put them in a box to give away.

Thank you Marie Kondo for writing your book that has inspired so many to tidy up! Thank you Helena for leading the way and inspiring me to be like you. I loved seeing your clean cabinets, rolled up clothes and piles and bags to give away! Way to go, girl!!

I love this new way of spring cleaning, creating space and letting go.

Happy Easter!!



Do you scrapbook?  Do you keep boxes of photos, cards, mementos and other pieces of your history?

How often do you go backwards and look at your past?

Last night, Juliana opened up some of our treasure boxes. She was looking for old photos, but most of what she found since she was born, were old cards and papers. Since she was born, I mostly stopped printing pictures and went mostly digital. I tend to hold on to holiday reminders and connections between our family and friends and family. I like to see people’s writing and their names and words. The thing she did find that we both enjoyed was my pregnancy journal that I kept as I was pregnant with her. We both smiled and enjoyed the beginning of her story.

My digital library is a mess. Some of it is backed up and some of it is organized, but not all or most of it. I just don’t find it as exciting as the boxes filled with things I can touch. I like to touch my pictures and books more than I like looking at a screen.   I stopped printing and creating albums because I ran out of space to store them.

I like to share snippets on Facebook and am absolutely loving Facebook Memories. These memories bring back a glimpse of what I shared on any particular day from years past.  I have been on Facebook since probably 2008 and seeing my little kids’ faces pop up each day really makes me smile, and usually there is only a handful of stories to recall. Maybe this is a good digital strategy, to only take or keep 5 pictures on any given day. Maybe then my digital memories would be more meaningful and manageable.

How do you like to store and keep your memories? Do you have a strategy and process that works for you that sparks joy?

Here is the memory photo that popped up today that made me smile. I loved being a stay at home mom and baking with my kids and taking them to the park and just being with them.


May your memories fill you with joy.


Creating Space

This did not spark joy, but instead felt quite eerie and uncomfortable.

Kohl’s is closing as they lost their lease to make new space for high rise apartments. They are creating space and moving all inventory to the front of the store, slowly each day, so that they can close tomorrow for good. It was the weirdest shopping experience and I felt like I was at someone’s estate sale and there was nothing that I wanted but to get out of there.

The empty displays looked so lonely and sad and crowded on top of each other, as they created more open space, and squeezed everything up towards the front.

The left over merchandise was all mixed together and out of place. It felt chaotic and cramped.

As I was trying to get out of there, absorbing all the weirdness of the closing sale and approaching the front door, I looked down and there was a homeless person sleeping on the inside of the store near the door. He or she was covered by stuff and looked strangely in the right place, in the newly created space.

I was happy that she was out of the cold for at least the moment. This was a strange experience.

Wishing you peace and warmth.


Create Space

I’m loving the idea of creating space.

What does this mean to you?

Can you create space between your breathes?  In yoga today, at the end of our practice, Melissa had us take a deep breathe in and hold it. She then told us to breathe in a little more and hold it. And to do it once again. As we held our breathe and were thinking we were out of space in our lungs, we found more 3 times. We created more space and filled it with deep, full breathes and then let it all out. This felt so good.

We also used our breathe to stretch into a deeper stretch with each exhale. We closed the space to go deeper.

What about white space? Cassie has been using a white canvas to create space to display the things she discovers each day. In creating a clean, repeatable space, we her audience anticipate what she will find and present in this beautiful, simple space.

Here’s an example of her beautifully filled, magical space:

Do you need more closet space? Try reading the Marie Kondo book to learn about the importance of creating meaningful and tidy spaces. You can find it on Amazon: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

What about space in your relationships? Are you giving your partner and/or yourself some breathing room? Togetherness is a wonderful thing, but so is time alone to do what you love and to be who you want to be. I’ve noticed that when I create and give space, intimacy fills it. When I try to fill the space by being too needy or demanding, the space becomes like a vacuum and connections are lost. This one is the most fascinating to me. It represents so clearly the push and pull we feel everyday, that yin and yang of tensions and desires.

How about at the end of the day? Do you leave space and time to unwind? Do you create space to snuggle with your kids or partner or pets instead of doing one more chore or checking one more email? I was resisting and practicing this one tonight. I so wanted to do the dishes and get the coffee ready, instead of indulging in snuggles and conversation. I wanted to get stuff done. I didn’t want to snuggle, yet I opened the space to the opportunity that presented itself and the space and love connection grew. I made the right choice, even though I struggled to give in to the calling. Love the little mentors in my life.

Can you do nothing? Can you sit still and allow yourself to be present and to just close your eyes and BE in the space you’re in without any expectations or worry? Sounds easy, but it’s not. Go ahead, try it. See where your mind goes and try to bring it back to the present moment again.

Enjoy the thought of creating your own space. What does it look like? What does it feel like? You get to choose. Just do it.


The Best Kind of Day

My sister and my niece came to visit us this weekend and this was my (welcome) sign. It was a play on words that included them with me to create the we and the plural of Here I Am. I loved this very thought from before they even arrived. I sat on my porch last night, waiting and anticipating their arrival with excitement.  

I love being in their presence and when we are together, it doesn’t matter what we do. I feel comfortable and content and truly myself and I have no agenda except to soak in all their love and share it back with them, doing everything and nothing. Seriously. 

These are the best kind of days. We just flowed in and out, together and with the kids, and alone and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  We were up early and shared coffee and breakfast. We took the kids where they needed to go. We rested and read and fed the kids and shopped. We watched Charlie’s soccer game and made friends. We cooked dinner together and cleaned up together. We laughed and teased each other and shared stories of our lives, the ones we don’t find the time to share over brief, interrupted phone calls and texts. 

There’s no substitute for face to face time. I got to hug her and really see her and share in the joys of our kids playing together and loving one another and growing up together.
I am thankful that she chose to come visit (me) us and took the time  to make love grow. 

Here We Are.