Tidying Up and Letting Go

I am taking this tidying up thing seriously and spreading the love.

Juliana emptied three trash bags full of clothes to give away. She rolled up her remaining clothes and stacked them vertically in her drawers so she could see what she has and created space. She loves to paint her nails and created an artistic space to do her work. I loved peeking in and seeing her be creative.  She got it!! Tidying up isn’t about the process of tidying all the time. It’s about keeping your space organized and neat so that you can really enjoy your space. 

Charlie’s room has been collecting clutter for months and there was so much stuff that there was no place to put anything anymore. I knew that he needed help and I knew it would take hours to look at each item and make decisions on what needed to stay and what needed to go.

I skipped yoga this morning and told him we would work on his room instead before we got distracted. We spent 3 hours decluttering and creating give away bags and lots of trash. Once we looked at everything, we found small plastic shoe boxes to create structure and organization for his treasures and clothes in his drawers and under bed boxes. He struggled and was bored but he kept going and didn’t give up. As we got close to finishing, he starting making a fort under his bed. He had a new space to play in and used it.

We moved out his desk and made more room for his drum set. As soon as the space was created, he started playing his drums and finding a place for his drumsticks.  He was happy.

One thing we decided to let go of today was our Lego collection. I was proud of the boys for being willing to give them away.

I, on the other hand, struggled a bit to say goodbye to the two bins full of happy memories. I loved watching them play with them for so many years. Letting them go felt like acknowledging and seeing that the boys are really growing up. It was like being handed a receipt, letting me know that yes, the boys are big now. I already know that, but the act of letting go of the Legos was symbolic.  I “thanked them” for the joy they brought to our lives and wished them well, bringing joy to new boys and girls. 

Life is good!


Driving and Waiting


I spend a lot of time driving and waiting and driving and waiting. Some times this frustrates me. It’s not what I want to do.

This is my view right now as I wait. Car is parked. I am sitting and waiting. I don’t want to rush back and forth so tonight I chose to sit and wait. That’s weird for me and out of my comfort zone.

There are so many things I can do yet I choose to do nothing. I didn’t want to rush back and forth and try to squeeze in one more task before getting in the car again. So I chose to park and do nothing.

Well not really nothing, but something different. I am sitting still. I am enjoying the space of quiet and solitude and can feel the cool breeze blowing through my open window. I am liking the sound of the wind through the trees and watching people walk by with their dogs and basketballs and holding hands and running.


I checked Facebook and email and played a game. I looked at my book that sits next to me and then decided to write early tonight. I am content just sitting here. Who knew?

Yesterday I was frustrated with this process of driving around every few hours and having my day interrupted again and again. But at the end of the day, I changed my attitude and was thankful that I had time alone in the car with my oldest. I realized that probably within the next year, he won’t need me to drive him. And in that moment, I wasn’t frustrated anymore. In that moment I was happy that I was still needed, even though it came in a different form than I typically see myself as being needed. He was thankful for the rides and I was thankful to share time with him.

Tonight I’m thankful for this gift of a free hour, waiting to pick up my daughter with no rush and no expectations and am glad I chose to enjoy the quiet vs being frustrated by the drive and wait and drive and wait game.

Sometimes we just have to sit still and wait and be patient and good things can fill the space. Hmmm.