Happy Veteran’s Day 2015

Today is Veteran’s Day and we all took the day off to remember what this day means to Americans. This year we visited Santa Clara University, where they conducted a brief program, wreath laying, and had a special celebration to mark the 240th anniversary of the U.S. Marine Corps.

My take away from listening to one of the service men, was that the people who choose to serve in the military, choose to serve others. They choose to sacrifice and give up their comforts and freedom to protect our American values and to represent us and to keep us safe. They go off to Afghanistan and Iraq and other places to fight evil and to protect our freedoms. They give of themselves to give to us. Isn’t this an amazing concept?  What are we doing to serve others? We need to continue thinking about what we can do to create a better world vs. thinking about what’s in it for me?  We get to shape and live our American values through our choices.

Tonight at our children’s gathering at church, the kids and kid leaders worked together to fill over 140 lunch bags with healthy food items and love notes and rain ponchos to give out to others who might be less fortunate.

We are living our values. We are loving each other. We are making a difference, one tiny step at a time. Each child took home 1 to 3 bags so that they could give them out to people they meet in the community who may need loving and comfort. They are learning American values to take care of the less fortunate and to be giving. I am so proud.

So many people fight over religion or race or the color of Starbucks cups, but let’s remember that we get to choose because we are free. We can make the world a better place with one bag, one hug, one smile, one tour, one love. You have power. Use it wisely. Love yourself and love others – love is the great equalizer.

nAMaste and thank you, veterans for your service and for churches who bring people together to serve others.

Day 265: Warrior of Peace

I can’t stop thinking of Boston and am saddened that our world is filled with some people who are filled with anger and want to hurt others. But at the same time, through the stories, I find hope. I hear how humanity helped one another amidst the chaos. I hear of people who were there who are loving more deeply and living in the moment, knowing that we don’t know what tomorrow brings. I paid attention to the stories of generosity and giving and loving.

I choose to focus on peace, despite the chaos, every day.

I choose to love those around me.

I choose to forgive those who hurt me.

I choose to love those who cause pain.

They must need more love in their lives.

I hope I’m not naive…

I choose to teach my children to love one another and those around them too, every day.

We focus on making connections and avoiding conflict when we can. We are creating peace, every day… not perfectly, but we keep adapting and trying again, even when we fail.

Today we went to visit the Anne Frank house and shared stories of hate and discrimination. We talked about the human spirit and the pain that people have to endure. We talked about survival and death. We talked about dictators and followers. We talked about those who helped the Jews. We talked about how we can make a difference. We talked about love.

We talked about the attacks at the Boston Marathon. We are open and honest with them in small doses.

I hope my children make their own connections and find ways to be their own little warriors of peace.

We can be the change we want to see in the world.