Open Space

This is something I long for at home: plenty of open space to run free, where you can see for miles, and spread out and roam free.




The kids are having so much fun at Jeff’s cousin’s house in Illinois.

I love their big, open, lush green backyard and the sound and sight of the trains passing nearby.

We saw lightening bugs on this trip which we don’t see in California and tons of Mosquitos too. I hope we didn’t get any bites!

We are enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer and can’t believe it’s almost over.

Life is good.

I Am Her, and She Is Me


Yesterday I wrote about my mama and how we’re both growing up, which is a nicer way than saying we’re aging. When I wrote about her, it made me cry, just feeling and realizing that we are aging and changing which is totally normal. I was just totally aware of it at that moment and it made me really miss her.

Today I drove with the kids 6 hours to come see her, and my dad and the rest of the family of course. We all just wanted to be together and since we have a few free days for spring break, we get to play with our cousins, Aunts, friends and grand parents. I am happy that we don’t have any real plans but to just be together for a few days.

Life is good and I’m excited to feel the days unfold.

Cousins make for the best of friends.

Pismo Beach

Where is your favorite place to be?

My favorite place is to be near the ocean. Any ocean. I love the sights, sounds, smell, feel, the lighting, and constant movement.

I got up early this morning and ran above the cliffs in Shell Beach through the fog, and then continued my run on the sand at Pismo Beach in the morning sunshine.

I saw surfers and dog walkers, runners and couples strolling.

There was even a man searching for lost treasures with his metal detector. I loved starting my day on the beach bright and early.


My sisters and nieces and my mama came up from Southern California today to spend the day all together.

We walked around San Luis Obispo and had lunch downtown before heading back to the beach. Everyone loves the beach once we get there. I think it’s because the beach is magical!

We checked out the butterflies again and then walked over the dunes to the beach, where we played volleyball, collected sand dollars and ran in the water. Watching the kids enjoy the beach made me incredibly happy. I am thankful that all the cousins and the Aunties and Oma and Jeff all got to play together on our day off.

Life is good.






Day 73 – A Perfect Day

My family came up from Southern California to spend Mother’s Day with me. It was the perfect day – with no big fanfare – just us, and church and April and Steve and S & J. The highlights of my day were many – my 2 year old niece singing Amen and the Our Father and Adele’s Someone Like You and smiling and laughing and just being so happy just being. She was my role model for the day. My kids were so happy to celebrate me with their home made cards and posters and hugs and kisses – loving me as their mama, my favorite role in life. And my dad and Jeff took care of the big kids and made us dinner. Happy Wife, Happy Life  and the Mama’s Happy, so Everyone’s Happy!!


These signs were all over the walls in the halls, on the cabinets and on the mantle before he went to bed to surprise me when I woke up! How cute is that? J and C also made thoughtful and artistic cards for me and their Oma and Auntie.


Coffee on the couch with my girls and the Sunday paper, while the men are making us breakfast. Are we lucky or what? Thanks Dad and Jeff!


Letting the baby sleep, the mamas sat on the couch and relaxed and watched a movie together with a cup of coffee and some chocolate, while the guys took the big kids out to keep the house quiet and peaceful. It was so nice to actually relax – what’s that like? 

The boys cooked a fabulous BBQ dinner for all of us and we had a Coldstone Ice Cream cake and homemade lemon bars for dessert. The kids had so much fun just running around the yard and watching Tangled.  After dinner, we all settled down and enjoyed a quiet evening. We’re going to miss our cousin and Auntie and Oma and Opa when they go home tomorrow. Thanks for the best gift, Papa, Mama and Yaya- the gift of your time and love and just being together.


Happy cousins getting ready for bed.


Happy Mamas. Namaste.