Day 345: 3 Days Left in Holland


3 more days…
2 more sleeps…
1 more blog…

Well… 1 more for today, at least.

Today I worked in the kids room and my room, sorting and tossing and packing again. We also stopped at Clara Maria’s clog farm to buy a few more Dutch souvenirs.
We took a load of stuff to the dump and another load to the charity store. I made another stack of stuff to give away for Patti Beth and Jane, and even had time for a shower before our evening drive to Boxtel to visit with Franca and Henk, Rowe and Geeke, Rio and Helma, Irma and Janne, one last time before we move.

We had a great evening sitting outside with Chinese food for dinner and ice cream for dessert.


It was a great summer eve (finally) in Holland and I am thankful they invited us over for a visit and much needed break.


The thing I really love about my Dutch family is that the teenagers stay and sit together with the family and joke around and share in conversation at the table. I love this and want to bring this idea home with me.

Goodnight from Boxtel.

I hope you have a nice weekend, wherever you may be!! xx