I carry this water cup with me almost everywhere I go. I think I drink more water this way.  I actually have two of them in case one is empty or I misplace one or leave it in the car.

The funny thing is that it is always nearly empty. The reason is because I have helpers that help drain it for me.

My kids think my drink is theirs and they always want some. Since I believe in sharing and I want them to stay hydrated, I share, even though I tell them to bring their own. Maybe mine just tastes better. Maybe they are lazy and don’t want to fill their own. Or maybe I’ll just pretend they still need me.

My baby just turned 16. I think I’m in denial. Happy Birth-day!!


Day 342: This Moment

Today is my baby’s 14th birthday. That means 14 years ago I was in labor about to become a mama. My dream was to be a mama, and he gave me this title and gift. I was so in love with him and still am. As he grows and develops, I continue to learn how to do my job and learn how to let go and let him be who he is too. I adore him and love who he has become and admire him. He is kind and gentle and loving and is a good example for me and our family. He is truly my gift and I am thankful for his presence.

Today we celebrated his life in London and Amsterdam. He was happy getting to be with his Aunt and Uncle and his family. As we walked home from the tram spot, he realized how lucky he was to celebrate in two countries. We had a nice breakfast with Nate and Becky before they went to work, and then walked over to have lunch at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, The Narrow, near the Limehouse Marina in London. CJ loves food and chefs and he loved the experience and delicious food. Last night, we took him to Jamie Oliver’s Italian place too. And for dinner, he chose Indian food from Seven Spices in Holland. I think he’s been quite, well loved!!

Happy birthday, CJ! We love you!


Selfies on the airplane.