Christmas Cards


I still love the Christmas and Holiday card sharing tradition, even though we have social media and instant updates.  Do you?

Do you send cards? Do you enjoy receiving cards? I do. I do.

I absolutely love this tradition and love it even more now that Juliana has been helping me. We have a Google Doc that we update every year keeping our addresses current and I love how organized the process has become. She likes to hand write the addresses and stuffs the cards inside the envelopes for me. She keeps them in alphabetical order and has them ready for me to see and touch, stamp and seal.

As I touch each card, I spend a moment thinking of the person or family that the card is going to and reflect on our relationship and connection and say a prayer for them. It’s a little sacred moment that I truly enjoy.

Thank you for your cards, thoughts and well wishes – whether digitally or physically. I love the anticipation of waiting for the cards to arrive each day and seeing and opening your cards. The kids know how much I love this and even though they want to open them, they wait for me to do it and watch. We hang them up on our kitchen wall so that we can all enjoy the lovely faces and friendships and recall stories of how we know one another.  I love seeing how families grow up and change so magically from year to year.

Wishing you love and light and a Merry Christmas in only 5 more days.



Christmas Cards – Obsolete ?

Are Christmas cards obsolete?

I have to say that today as I was writing out our Christmas cards, I felt like maybe I should reconsider this tradition. 

But I love Christmas cards. I love receiving them in the mail. I love opening them and admiring the photos of friends and family and am always curious how many pictures they took to get the one or two or three in the collection they chose to share. I love reading the annual stories and seeing the personal hand-writing, although several cards come as is, without any personalization, which I send sometimes too just because we run out of time, which is what made me wonder if this process is going to go the way of the rotary phone now that we have Facebook and Instagram and SnapChat and all the other social platforms to share our personal lives.

Do we need the physical receipt to hold on to and touch?  

I still think so.

I love to share them all on my real wall for everyone to see.


When I write out a card, I am mindful of the family receiving our correspondence and I feel a sense of connection and wonder.  Some friends we share cards with are from friendships we shared long ago and with whom we don’t share our daily lives with anymore. The card is a way to stop and think about those memories again.

I like the process of picking out a photo and layout and choosing which words to write on the card.  I don’t like the taste of the stamps, though. This I could do without.

So even though I’m ruining the environment by printing more paper and buying more stamps, I still enjoy this one, simple, old-fashioned holiday tradition because it makes me slow down and be mindful of those we love.

Merry Christmas!