Here I Am Another Year Older

I still love birthdays. I think I always will. I love the excitement and anticipation of celebrating life, can you tell?  

Today was the first time I had limited expectations of how I wanted the day to unfold and having limited expectations created huge amounts of joy.

I was content and at peace and so very thankful.

I did everything I wanted to do. I enjoyed friends and family in several ways.  I loved all the phone calls and texts and cards and gifts and Facebook celebrations. 

Each member of my family made a homemade card. They decorated the kitchen and had coffee and breakfast ready for me when I got up along with very thoughtful gifts.

I got to play dodgeball and keep away, enjoyed lunch out with my kids, pedicures with my daughter, happy hour with friends,  being spoiled, watching the Warriors win, and having more friends come back for cake! 


I am happy and filled with gratitude for this one, beautiful, imperfect life I am living, perfectly imperfectly. 

nAMaste BeLoveRs


Today is My Birthday!

I still love birthdays. Thank you for all the birthday love shared. It was the best day to be alive! Much better than the alternative, and my dad wished me another fifty years, hoping he’d be there to celebrate too! Crazy man…I love him!

My car was decorated on the inside with a Dutch banner, wishing me a happy birthday. We usually decorate our kitchen with banners and streamers on birthdays, but since we were gone, Juliana and Jeff decorated my car last night to surprise me this morning. Aren’t they cute? I should have taken a picture!!

We spent the day in Lake Tahoe again and journeyed back home in time for a surprise chocolate cake and visit with April and Steve and the girls.

We had breakfast at The Old Post Office on the North Shore with my Aunt and Uncle, and my mom and dad. I loved being together with everyone and the breakfast was delicious! If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, in a cozy, family diner setting with friendly service, you should visit this place.

I opened my birthday cards and presents and after breakfast, we took a drive to the South Shore with my parents to walk near the water before heading home. We stopped by Camp Richardson, at the Tallac Historic Site and beach area, where we hung out 5 years ago. I loved the colored sand and calm beachfront and was so tempted to go paddle again, especially since it wasn’t windy here. We couldn’t stay long as we needed to get back home at a decent hour.



Just having fun being dry and balanced on the water!!
We said goodbye to my parents and took off for home, listening to the USA vs Ghana World Cup game details on XM radio and loving that the USA won 2-1! We also listened to my new CDs that Juliana and Jeff picked out for me for my birthday.

I loved reading all the lovely Facebook messages and texts and emails with birthday wishes and love and memories. Thank you for sharing this day with me and making the car ride fun!

My birthday ended with my other family coming over with birthday cake to celebrate together. I received a very special gift in a jar. It had a play date coupon inside, for just me and my little friend Jessie, that was hand painted with some great ideas for our date together. I can’t wait to redeem it!!

I am the luckiest birthday princess in the world!




I wish you love, peace, & happiness every day, that is my birth-day wish for you! Namaste.

It’s not a party, without M&Ms!!

Day 35: Anxiety


OMG – the anxiety is setting in!! Thank God, for April’s chocolate cake.

Yes, April made me the best, homemade, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and had it in my fridge for my birthday when I came home yesterday. I’ve been nibbling on it all day.

And I’ve been so nervous today!! The reality that we are moving in 35 days hit me smack in the face! Jeff and I were scanning documents, making appointments to have vital records apostilled (like notarized but even higher) and sending documents to the moving company so they can help us with our importation process. The movers are coming next Friday and I’m not ready! And we are leaving again for Dani’s wedding tomorrow and I’m not ready!! How do you slow down time? You don’t! I think you just eat more cake and drink more wine, right?? But that leads to another issue!! I’m getting fat and I don’t like that!! Food is comfort – even though Weight Watchers would tell me differently! I know, I know, but food is my weakness! *big sigh*. Just keepin’ it real!

The good news is I’ll be looking for something new to do for myself when we move. Maybe I’ll become a yoga instructor or workout every day and become really buff! Got any ideas for me? I’m sure it’ll take awhile to get the family settled before I redefine my role again. I’m going to miss my Stella & Dot job and my tennis teams and hiking buddies and volunteer roles. I’ll need to find something else — I wonder what it’ll be?!?

Well, the chocolate cake sure hit the spot!! So did the lunch and dinner April brought us today. How does she do that? I’m so thankful, I can’t stand it!!

Thank you, wifey- for taking care of us without us even asking for help!! You are loved and appreciated more than you know!! xo