My Babies

This is my baby girl who got a cute new haircut today.

My baby girl is really a teenager, but I still call her baby girl and think I always will.

My baby, who is almost double digits, tells me that he is the baby and always will be because he’s the youngest. I tell him that she is also my baby, even though she’s not a baby anymore.


He gives me a big hug and tells me that he’s so glad he came out of my tummy, as he rubs it and squeezes me tighter. I squeeze him back and hold him a little longer saying, “ditto!”
My oldest baby comes home tomorrow after being away for a week with our church youth group on a service trip, and I am so excited! I have missed him so much, even though I know he is safe and having the time of his life and is growing up and all that good stuff. But he’s still my baby and I like him safe in my nest. I’ve been feeling his absence and guess I’m getting a small sampling of what it will feel like when he moves out for college in a few short years. I can wait.

I am thankful for all my big babies!

What do you call your children? Will they always be thought of as your babies, like I do even when they are grown?

Life is good.

The Sad News

I read the news and sometimes wonder why I bother. Just today… A shooter with mental health problems. A HUGE earthquake in Chlie and tsunami warnings around the world. Major car recalls. Missing airplane (still). Politics. Money. War.

Maybe that’s why I like writing about happiness everyday.  The news is depressing and sensationalized. I’d rather sensationalize everyday life and the pursuit of happiness despite our vulnerabilities and imperfections.  I prefer sharing the good stories, even if they’re “boring.” Boring is good. It doesn’t have to be ALL dramatic. That’s exhausting.

Today was exhausting, but in a good sort of way.

I got to chaperone Juliana’s class field trip to the San Jose Tech Museum.  I enjoyed being with her, but being responsible for 8 other girls was quite a task. Little kids are such better listeners than older kids, because I think they have more fear. I had one group of 3 wander off, after being told to stay in one area. They thought they’d head upstairs to an entire different part of the museum and for some reason this seemed like a good idea to them. Another girl was ready to cross a street with other friends after wandering away from our group, before I found her and tapped her on the shoulder and lead her back to the flock. And just so I wouldn’t be bored, one other girl decided she would make the rest of the group wait while she was the only one who wanted refreshments before the movie. It was an interesting psychological experiment for me, and a small insight into the minds of selfish pre-teens.  I’m thankful for the one I get to raise and really appreciate her soul.


It was early dismissal today from school and Charlie and I gathered up his roller blades, tennis rackets and a chair, and headed out to watch Juliana’s first tennis match.


We got there way earlier than we needed to because the other school didn’t have early out today. We made the most of it by running over to Starbucks for a drink and then playing outside and enjoying the sunshine. It’s a shame that the city closed the baseball fields because the fields were supposedly too wet.  Charlie’s game was cancelled which I actually appreciated a tiny bit so that I could just be in one place instead of two. Isn’t it strange to think a field would be closed when the sky looked like this?  

What a shame.

Nevertheless, I got to enjoy being in one moment watching and supporting Juliana and playing with Charlie while we waited for her turn to be up.

She won her first match and I was so proud of her. It must have been nerve- wracking to be out on the court for her first official game and she owned it.



Life is good. How was your day? What made you happy?  I am content having spent the entire day with my kids, even though I am exhausted and heading to bed early.  😉  I’m listening to all the sage advice reminding me to enjoy them as they’re only little for a little while and they’re almost big!!



GGG – Day 23 – Children

“The soul is healed by being with children.” – English Proverb

I love kids. All of them. I’m not even kidding. Children make me truly happy. I love seeing them, watching them play, hearing what they have to say and knowing how they think. I especially love it when they are giggling and laughing. I just love being with them and I think it’s because they are so real and have no filters. They laugh and love unconditionally and play and learn quickly. I want to be just like them when I grow up. The children are my role models.

Today I loved tailgating at Stanford with our friends and watching Juliana and S sharing a moment together before the game.

Another great moment today was when S came to sit next to me and put her head on my shoulder when she was tired. We just sat together for a quiet moment to relax. I loved that.

Today I am thankful for children, especially my own who teach me life’s lessons everyday. I’m still learning! I love you.