Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve

I caught a leprechaun!!   

This one loves the holidays and being a kid. Luckily I got the St. Patrick’s day holiday box down from the attic yesterday, just in the nick of time to begin the celebrations. He built his leprechaun trap and still hopes to catch one tonight.

Wish you luck, Charlie!! 

Before you go, here is an Irish Blessing for you:

May you have love that never ends,

lots of money, and lots of friends.

Health be yours, whatever you do,

and may God send many blessings 

to you!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 

Pure Joy

Charlie and I were excited all day for this. We were anticipating finishing our day and packing up our duffle bags for an overnight stay with our BFFs. We stopped at 7-11 to buy snacks and popping cap guns.

I’m only sharing this picture that Charlie took on our ride down south because I want to hold on to the other memories in my mind.

I loved that from the moment we stepped out of the car, Charlie was already running away with his BFF.  We did see them now and then and got to share in some of their joy. Like when they decided to be polar bears and dared each other to jump into the freezing, cold pool. Boys will be boys and we laughed and enjoyed their antics.

Listening to friends and watching them interact is the best gift. They adore each other and got into a state of flow in 2 seconds, just like their mamas. We picked up where we left off, happy to be together again.

Pure joy, just being together.

These are the days…life is good.

Have a good weekend, BeLoveRs.

Practical Jokes

I love practical jokes and watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. I love good-natured pranks.

Today I took Charlie out on a date, just the two of us. He wanted to get his hair cut and wanted a bubble tea and a roti bun. I offered him a milk shake or whatever treat he wanted, and he chose Honey Berry.  I smiled at his Silicon Valley choice.  How many Caucasian kids pick Taiwanese tea-based pearl drinks as their preferred treat? Gotta love it.

We drove over to Honey Berry and ordered his after school snacks and sat down to chat for a little while before heading out for his hair cut, because who wants hair falling in your Roti?  As we were sitting there, I looked out the window and there was a group of about 5 young teens hanging outside. Instead of hanging on the sidewalk, they decided to lean up against my car. This made me uncomfortable and I wanted them to move, but I didn’t want any conflict and I wanted to just enjoy my date.

I sat in this uncomfortable state for a minute, hoping they would leave on their own, but they didn’t. Charlie and I were talking about what to do. I had a plan. I told him to watch as I got out my key and pressed the lock button twice. I was hoping that the clicking sound, the flashing lights and the slight beeping sound would get their attention. It didn’t work. So I decided to see what the Panic button would do. Don’t you always wonder what the red panic button is for?


I shared a sip of his tea and surreptitiously and slowly pressed the panic button and watched them jump. I then proceeded to laugh out loud, hiding behind a bite of his roti bun, acting like nothing happened.  Charlie wondered why I was laughing so hard. They didn’t know it was our car. I loved watching two of the kids jump and the other kids laughing at the jumpers. They all decided to move on their own.  Wasn’t that great?

Conflict avoided. Laughter filled my belly. Stay off other peoples’ cars. Duh.

Life is good.


You know how they say to see the gifts in a person versus seeing what bugs you?  

I just have to share how much I love Charlie’s determination and clearly knowing what he wants and being able to advocate for himself consistently and repeatedly until he gets what he wants. He is an excellent planner and negotiator and I truly admire him.   
Congratulations on selling your Dutch bike and saving your Christmas and birthday money to finally buy your Fixy bike the day after Christmas. 

I’m excited for you and am glad your dream finally came true. I hope you love being outside and riding for hours.

I wonder what you’ll dream up next. Oh, the anticipation!

What are you determined to create or bring into your world?  


One Light

Tonight Charlie was at a friend’s house as they were preparing for the first night of Hanukkah. He had been with this family for almost 24 hours, as he had a birthday party and sleepover there the night before and never left.  I love how kids can just play all day. He wanted to be sure he didn’t leave until they had passed the 24 hour mark of togetherness and until the jelly donuts were ready.

You see, my friend began making homemade sufganiyot, the deep-fried Israeli delicacies, first thing in the morning and they were just going into the fryer late in the afternoon, and she had promised Charlie one before he left. I watched the perfectly plump rounds of dough turn golden brown and then cooled, while she piped strawberry jelly into their middles and then sprinkled them with powdered sugar. They were little delicious miracles.


She called for the kids to come into the kitchen and Charlie came out to enjoy this Jewish tradition with his Santa hat on top of his head. I wished I would have taken a picture to capture the sweet innocence and yin and yang of this moment. Her and I both laughed, as we saw the same thing and appreciated the sharing of our traditions, together.

Happy Hanukah. Wishing you love and light.


You’re Bugging Me!

Think of someone who bugs you. Think about what this person does that irritates you.  Then think about how what you don’t like in that person is probably something you don’t like in yourself. Isn’t that a weird twist? But really, try it. It’s the craziest thing.

I tried it on my run today. I thought about how Charlie has been bugging me all week and how irritated I’ve been. I kept telling him that’s he’s harassing me and to leave me alone and to stop nagging me all day.  Then, today I decided to think about what motivates him to act the way he does and why does it bug me so much, and then I figured it out.

He asks me questions incessantly because he wants to know what to expect and he wants control over his young life.  He doesn’t have all the answers and he wants structure and wants to look ahead and wants his needs met and his needs are different than my needs at any given moment. He needs me to fit into his world and not the other way around. We have been clashing and he’s been BUGGING me.

Instead of being bugged today, I decided to listen more patiently and to provide more clear answers. I finally realized that he needs to know what to expect and he’s very uncomfortable not knowing what’s coming next and I get to hear about it every minute. Well, at least it feels like every minute.

Today I practiced giving him more concrete answers. I gave him structure. I gave him boundaries. I gave him expectations. And he was content. Miraculously, he stopped bugging me. Well, at least until the next need popped up, but I didn’t overreact (as much) the next time and the next time.

I realized that I am a lot like him. I like to know what to expect and I like to plan and to fill my day. Huh. What I don’t like him doing, is the same thing that I do. Strange. That was an interesting experiment. I wonder if I can get credit for that assignment.

Okay, your turn. Who bugs you and why? Do you have the same traits somewhere hidden? Hmm…. such a curiosity!!

Good luck and I wish you peace with all who are bugging you!!


I Said, He Said

I said you needed 3 people to play Twister. 

He said you only needed 2.  

I said 2 wasn’t possible nor would it be any fun. 

He said 2 was plenty and we could play yoga, since I didn’t get to my class today.

I was then curious.

He was right.

Thank God I listened to him. He made my day.     
   He also got me outside to shoot some baskets instead of cleaning. Man, is he smart. 

I thanked him for making me play today when I thought otherwise. 

He said I was welcome.

I love him. 

He loves me.

Life is so simple.

Beauty and the Beach



Today we enjoyed the latter part of the day in Santa Cruz, exploring, walking and playing.
I loved watching the light change as the day began to settle. I love this time of day.

I loved playing with Jeff and Charlie, kicking this BIG ball around.  If you’re looking for a big beach ball like this, I found this one at Target for $9.99 and its been loads of fun.

Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all the Papas. Thank you for loving your kids and their mamas and making this world a better place. 

Love this life.  Life is good.


Summer Love


Today I enjoyed my baby love. 

We had a busy day and enjoyed a delicious BBQ with new friends. 

I loved sitting back and watching my little “big” one having fun, climbing trees and holding his breathe under the water and splashing me. 

These are the best days of my life. 

I know. 

I am thankful.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday and are ready and refreshed for the week ahead.