I sent the kids out to capture some photos that represented fall to them that I could use for my blog tonight, while I was busy preparing dinner and working in the kitchen.

I loved that the two younger ones were up for the challenge and loved all their selfies that came along with the fall foliage shots.

Happy first day of Fall! It’s a time for new beginnings and do-overs and to rest before the craziness of the holiday season is upon us!! I hope the rain comes soon too, to fill our lakes and reservoirs and end the California drought. Namaste.





Day 74: Seasons Change


The leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. The air is getting crisper, even as the sun is shining. And the level of the sun is at a different angle, providing an afternoon glare that wasn’t there recently. Fall is in the air.

Today I felt homesick. It first felt like anxiety and then I felt sad and I didn’t know why. It took me a while to figure out what I was feeling when I had no reason to be sad. I was having a great day, went for a run, house was clean, kids were occupied and at a friend’s house, the sun was shining, and Jeff and I had some quiet time to do whatever we wanted. I think it was the free time and quiet time that gave me a moment to relax and feel that some things were different and missing. I had no one needing me and no problems to solve and quiet space that doesn’t happen often. And then I started to miss my routines and rituals and friends (Schalk-Lees) and our first house and our BBQ and the Stanford football games and blah blah blah. I think earlier in the day I was backing up old photos and Jeff was talking about the football game scores and my parents coming and then it all just me, that I miss all that.

After I realized it and shed a few tears, I was fine again. I’m happy to be here and appreciate the new friends and family we’ve connected with, and the experience we are having here. I think I’ve ben pretty busy these first two months and now that things are starting to settle, I can breathe again and am now aware of the changes that have occurred. I miss my normal routine and relationships back home. I think that’s normal too. And I’m excited for what this new season brings, scarves and all!

Hope y’all had a good weekend! And to those back in California, I miss you!!