Never Say Never

If you asked me if I ever would have a cat, the answer would have been never.

If you asked me if I would ever live far away from my family, the answer would have been never.

If you asked me if I ever wanted to go back to work again, the answer would have been never.

And yet, I have a cat and actually have two. I’ve lived far away from my family for 25 years, longer than I ever lived with them. And I love working again and never wanted to go back.

I am content in my NeverLand.

What have you said never to and are doing now? Never say never.

Running Out of Words

I’ve been writing daily for almost 4 years. That’s crazy to me! I’ve hardly missed a day in all that time, even when on vacation.

I’m starting to feel like I’m out of words and new experiences to share, which might be okay, actually.

Here I Am has been about being in the moment, seeing the good, living life to the fullest every day and sharing my journey with you, hoping to inspire and connect along the way.  My story feels like it is stable and is repeating now, which is a good thing and yet is kinda boring to write about. At least daily. And it’s taking me more time to think about being creative and sharing something meaningful each day, so I’m going to pay attention to the signs and change my daily ritual and let go of the expectation to write every day, which scares me a bit. I hope you don’t mind. I still plan on writing, just not every day.

I’ve begun working this year and my days are quite full now. I have less free time which makes me appreciate the quiet time in the evening even more. 

I’m excited to discover how I’ll fill the gap. I have some ideas, but maybe just maybe I’ll get to sleep a little earlier, which I definitely could use.

So thank you for reading with me all these days! I hope you’ll still keep following me as I figure out a new routine. 🙂