Day 53: Summer

Jeff took Juliana out to practice her driving tonight, which made me happy. I love that she had time alone with her daddy and I know she appreciates his attention. I love when my family is content and together.

I sat down for a few minutes this evening, as I’m super tired today. As soon as I sat down to relax, my little partner came up and forced his way between my hands and my eyes, as I was looking at my phone, of course, catching up on social media.  He wanted my attention.

Do you see his paw?  That’s where it usually is. And if I stop petting him, he nuzzles a little closer. He makes me smile and helps me to relax.

But I can never sit for very long. I soon got up to tidy up, as having a clean kitchen always makes me happy. As I loaded the dishwasher and swiped down the counters, I looked up to find my buddies watching me again. 

Maybe they were telling me something, like they wanted some food? Or maybe they wanted me to go relax again.  I chose both options.

I’m thankful for my furry friends today. But Juliana is now asking for a dog…uh oh.

How was your summer day? What made you smile?

xo stay loved

You Can Change Your Mind

I used to really dislike cats. I never wanted to be near them and always complained. I thought they were gross and smelly and irritating and they made me sneeze and made my eyes water and generally made me feel horrible.  If one came near me, I would move, which usually meant they would follow me. I think cats have a 6th sense.
My husband had cats when I first met him and I wondered how long they would last. I almost considered not dating him because of his feline friends and my extreme dislike for their presence.  When they passed away from old age, I never wished for cats again.

Flash forward ten years.

Look at me know. This cat loves me and wants affection all the time. As soon as I sit for a minute, he shows up. I actually enjoy his company and this surprises me. He loves to sit right on my chest and rub all over my chin and face, giving me kisses.  I allow this behavior and smile.

Who knew that a cat hater could become a cat lover?  This is very odd to me and makes me wonder what other things in my mind might change over time. I wonder if we should get a dog?

How have you changed your mind dramatically? 

The Comfort of Cats

We are loving our new fur babies.  They bring our family a lot of joy and entertainment.

When I woke up this morning, I was the first one up and the kittens woke up to greet me.image

They were purring and walking all over me and my laptop.

They love attention and I surprisingly loved giving it to them.

image image

When the kids woke up, they went to find them too. I love the simple joy the kittens bring.  Everyone loves cuddling with them and I think they calm us down.

Sometimes we feel like we are playing hide and seek because we can’t find them and we all go looking for them.  Today one of them was found on a top shelf in Christian’s closet. She must have climbed up his dresser drawers and then she stayed up there perched up high all afternoon.

I love seeing Jeff wad up paper balls and tossing them in the air and watching Zuma pounce on them. We all laugh at them together.

Our cats bring a lot of comfort and joy and laughter and I am glad that we finally decided to bring pets into our family.

Life is good.