Happy Feet

I have wide, ugly feet, but I’m ok with them, especially after a pedicure or when they are partially buried in the sand and in the ocean.

These are my happy feet, not that feet should really be photographed, but maybe just notice the happy sand and bubbles and shells and visualize the cold water swirling around them.





We stopped at the beach on our way home from an event because I had a strong desire to look out over the ocean and to dip my toes in the water.

When I’m at the beach, I am content and my mind rests. I feel small in comparison to the big ocean and this is comforting to me.

I loved the sites and sounds and even the smells. I loved watching a paddle board surfer, a little boy learning to surf, as well as watching the bigger kids learning too.



Where is your happy place?

Life is good. I hope you have a great week! namaste

Beautiful Capitola

I love the beach.  It is my favorite place to be.  I would live by the beach if I could, and someday I will. For now, I enjoy it whenever I can – in any kind of weather.

This morning Norine and I woke up early and went for a 3 mile run before our other friends woke up. The views were breathtaking and the air was crisp.  We ran through the neighborhoods, seeing other runners and walkers and dogs and surfers out early too, in the fog and damp air and we were all smiling.  There is something magical about beach air.



After our run, we joined our friends for breakfast before heading back out for a rain walk on the beach.





Life is good!

Beach Day – Capitola

Some of us made it to the beach today, which made my day.  The drive over Highway 17 from the valley to the ocean is magnificent.  I love driving through the trees and mountains and over to the other side, especially when the weather is warm and the sun is shining brightly, like today. Sometimes going to the beach in the winter time is the best time for a visit, like today.

Life is good. 







Day 52: Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

I have a bucket list of things I want to do before we move. One of them was to see my friend Megan again. I was trying to figure out logistics to fly to see her and her family in Michigan, when she figured out a way to come see me instead. I'm so thankful!!

April and I planned a weekend in Capitola – one of my favorite hang out spots. We had a great time going out to eat, shopping, hanging out on the beach, paddle boarding, walking along the Cliffs and just relaxing and chatting until late at night with no real schedule. Debbie shared her condo with us, which was so much nicer and more relaxing than staying in a hotel. Thanks, Deb and Gary!!

3 things I learned this weekend:

1. Take time for yourself. Make yourself a priority and don't feel guilty when you do.

2. Don't think that you're too busy or that your family can't survive without you. They will be fine even if they eat fast food while you're gone and play video games all day. Dads can do hair and makeup for dance recitals – just ask Joe! And kids get time alone with their dads and get to bond over squirt guns and miniature golf – just ask Steve and Jeff. Everyone needs a break in routine, especially moms. We need a change of scenery without anyone needing their meat cut up, or a shoe tied, or another question answered or a decision made for someone else besides ourselves. We need to be able to sleep in and do whatever we want without worrying about taking care of the needs of others. Ahhhh…..

3. Girlfriends need the advice and wisdom shared by their girlfriends. Women are gatherers and we process and solve problems by talking and sharing and listening and learning and supporting one another, without judgment.

Life is good.

What's on your bucket list? Are you making a list and checking things off?