Do you ever feel stuffed?

This feeling overwhelms me sometimes.

My messy linen closet is symbolic of that feeling.

It is stuffed beyond capacity and there is not enough space to store all the stuff so it quickly becomes disorganized. I’m embarrassed to share it, but let’s keep things real. Life gets messy when you’re busy living happily ever after.

It’s a trade off and I’m ok with it until I’m not because the space doesn’t work anymore because it’s too stuffed, like now!

I need to take everything out and start again and create nice new stacks. Maybe then the stuff will be easier to find and manage.

It just takes time to get everything back in it’s proper place and there is too much stuff to fit in the small space.

I know, I should just get rid of half of it but which half? My linen closet is tiny and stores sheets and mattress covers for 6 beds of different sizes, bath towels, wash cloths, table cloths, beach towels, blankets and Charlie’s shoes. I think I’m trying to have it do too much for it’s limited space. It’s probably why it looks like this.

I know, blah blah blah…stop making excuses and just do it, right? I’ll add it to my To Do list. But for now, I’m “too busy.”

What’s stuffed at your house?

I wish you enough and time to stay organized and unstuffed.

Purge, baby purge!


Day 80: Normalcy and Busyness

Today felt normal.

It was busy, like any day in Sunnyvale or Thousand Oaks, or probably wherever you live too.  We had a kid’s sporting event, a kid’s birthday party, a kid’s play date, laundry and more laundry and general busyness. Made me feel normal.

We built an IKEA closet for our guest room – oh joy, what fun! Can you just imagine?? But now we have more storage space – with a place for linens and towels and coats and maybe even room for guests’ stuff!!  

I made a big pot of chicken soup with mixed veggies and noodles. One of the kids got a Facebook account today. One felt jealous. One kid got grounded for not listening and ignoring me and had to miss a fun outing. I don’t think they understand how their actions affect their freedoms yet. I think they’ll get it eventually. That’s normal too.

I finally got around to packaging up the I Love You presents that have been waiting for weeks to go out in the post! And it rained. That’s starting to be normal too.  And I spent hours researching vacation plans and details. We’re planning to go to Rome soon and are trying to decide a Christmas destination. Got any suggestions?

All is normal and busy and full and content. Life is good. And I hope yours is the same.

xo Adriana


Birthday party favors – so cute and artistic. Juliana loves fondant and shaping it.


Day 71: Beautiful Amsterdam

I have so many things to share, but what I loved most today was when the rain stopped and we were up on the rooftop at the Nemo museum.  The views were gorgeous and the air was crisp. I hope you enjoy the views of beautiful Amsterdam.

Gorgeous morning in Amsterdam – view from the roof top at Nemo

Amsterdam – Old and New

things that make you go wow!

What I’m realizing being in the Netherlands, is that even though I tend to highlight the differences between the NL and the USA, that life is very much the same here, as it is in the states. Even though there are several differences, my days are spent much the same way as they were in the States. There is a general busyness to the days here just as there was back home. I still have house chores, shopping, kids’ sports, dinners, kids’ homework, socializing, facebook and email to check, and exercising to do. There are beautiful places to visit and things to learn about and relationships to nurture. I’m inspired and intrigued and curious and am having fun exploring and learning in a new environment, and am enjoying the general busyness of it all. Life is good.  xo