Halloween and Homecoming

It was a very busy day with overlapping events and I am ready to be done. It was a great, full day and I am ready to relax.

Some days are just like that.

How was your day?

I made dinner at 7 am because I knew the day would be full. We got the kids off to school and I got to work so that I could sneak away to the afternoon homecoming parade. I’m so glad my kids got involved with their school spirit.

In the afternoon, we did some shopping and then dropped off one kid to homecoming and the little one and I went to set up for Trunk or Treat.

And if we weren’t busy enough,  we went to the homecoming football game to enjoy the experience with the kids after we packed up from trunk or treat. This made life fun!!


All is well, just ready for bed and to get ready for a big day again tomorrow. It’s Halloween and we change the clocks on Sunday, so we’ll enjoy that extra hour of sleep then.  

Have a good weekend!

Muber = The Mom Uber

It’s 10:36 pm.

I got my 10,000+ steps in.

Finally finished folding the 6 baskets of laundry that have been waiting for me all day and yesterday, who am I kidding. Maybe even 3 days, but I’d never tell. My family room had become the laundry room with fresh piles and piles of mismatched socks just waiting for attention.

Jeff helped Juliana with her summer school homework, while I cooked dinner and cleaned up the dishes and put everything away.

While I was busy mindlessly folding the laundry, I was thankful that Christian was getting a ride home tonight after his event. This meant that I could enjoy a glass of wine and got an hour back of time (to fold laundry that took 90 minutes at least!) I was thankful for friends and being able to carpool.

As I was getting ready for bed, I was telling Jeff about my plans for tomorrow and we started laughing. Basically I am a taxi service. I am driving 3 kids and their friends sometimes to and from and back again. I told him how the taxi drivers in Spain were protesting the car apps such as Uber that are rocking their world and changing their business model. Basically how I think Uber works is that you send a text to the Uber service and you receive a text back to confirm your location and pick up time by one of the Uber drivers. 

He made the connection and said that I was like Uber, but for moms. I was Muber.  Only my kids send me a text or call me directly when they’re ready to be picked up. We laughed. We always laugh.

I think moms could use a Muber service. It would have to be with other trusted moms though. I know they have kid taxi services too, but with 3 kids, the prices probably add up. 

So for now, I’ll just continue my driving practice and enjoying the several corners of beautiful Silicon Valley.  

Life is good.