MRI and Savasana

Have you ever had an MRI before?  Some might find this procedure to be stressful. I found it to be quite relaxing.  It’s kind of like corpse pose, or savasana in yoga, just a lot louder and for a longer duration of staying completely still.  I pretended that my MRI was practice for my yoga practice – to stay still and not move at all for 20 minutes.  This was very challenging for me, but I did it and liked it!

I had to go in for my shoulder as I do not have full range of motion and it keeps causing me pain. I’m hoping that with the MRI, the doctor can determine what is causing my pain and if and what we can do to heal it. I’ve had to regretfully give up tennis and haven’t paddled in quite some time because of the pain these activities create for my rotator cuff, which makes me sad.  I have compensated though and found more time to volunteer, cook, do yoga, hike and to exercise in other ways.  I do not like having my movement limited at all, so this is definitely a challenge for me.

The technician that was helping me was very warm and friendly. He did a good job at making sure I was warm and comfortable and to assure me that I could get out of the donut shaped body tube with a press of the emergency button at any time. He talked to me once I was hidden away, making sure that I was okay, and then the loud noises began.  There are different frequencies of noises, so once I got used to the repetitive sounds, they would change.  I just focused on my breathing and relaxing and feeling thankful for the 20 minutes to be alone, laying down with nothing else to do.  Sometimes it’s cool to relax, even if it is for an MRI.

I had a pleasant medical experience tonight and hope the results are conclusive.



Today is 7-11, the 11th day of July. in America, there is a convenience store called 7-11 and on 7-11 they offer free slurpees, which are frozen shaved ice slushed flavored with syrup. They make people smile!

Related to 7-11, but in a totally different context, I have a funny story to share. One day I was yelling about something at the dinner table, and Charlie started yelling back at me – “Mom, relax. 7-11”. And I yelled back at him to do whatever I was asking him to do, and he kept saying “7-11, 7-11. Mom, you’re being craZy!” And the more he said this, the crazier I got.

Later when I calmed down, I asked him why he kept saying 7-11 to me. He said that I needed to be more mindful and aware of my breathing when I started to feel frustrated. He said I had to breathe in for 7 seconds and then blow out for 11 seconds to calm my body down. He learned this in school. He’s so smart! Who says you can’t learn from kids? He was right and it works, after you let go of the idea that your kid is frustrating you and teaching you something meaningful at the same time!

Go practice breathing in and out the next time you feel frustrated and let me know how that works for you.



Day 275: Change is Good


“One who wants to always stay happy has to change often.”

Do you believe this to be true? Well, at least my tea bag says so.

I feel like this is my path… I like change and I hate it at the same time. I like routine and then I like to shake things up. I like to move to another country and then move back again. And when I move back, I don’t expect things to be the same. I don’t expect to do the same things and I’m already dreaming of what I’ll try and learn and do next. That’s exciting to me. I’m excited for the friends that will be there when I get back. And I’m excited to explore, play, laugh, eat, hike, run, kiss, hug, paddle, and just be together.

And if you’re not happy right now, just focus on your breathe. Close your eyes and feel the air filling your lungs and feel it exiting slowly out. It keeps changing without you even thinking about it. Keep focused on your breathe until you feel calm and ready to change your thoughts to bring you back to your happy place, wherever that may be. We get to change every minute! Make it a good one. 🙂