Day 171: A Sunny, Crisp Day


This was my cool-down view today, after my 45 minute run. The sun was out and the temperature was just above freezing. Didn’t need much time to cool down!

While I was getting ready to go running this morning, my Dutch neighbor knocked on the door to let me know to expect the temperature to drop to freezing this week and to expect to see the canal frozen. She wanted me to get my skates ready. I told her I’ll have to go buy some first and put on another layer before heading out the door with gloves and 2 thin running layers.  It was very cold, but the sun was shining and made me happy. There is never a day that I go out for a run and wish I hadn’t. The hardest part is convincing myself to just put on my shoes.



The winter sun in Holland is absolutely beautiful. I think I appreciate the sunlight even more because it hardly shines here and so when it is out, you want to be out too. When the sky is blue and wide open with the texture of the clouds, it feels like black out shades that have been closed for too long have been opened and you can see again!  I happened to be in the car and snapped these while I was driving home from a friend’s house. I so wanted to get out and walk around but I needed to get home.


This isn’t me – but a lady running right near the Haarlem train station. I think Haarlem is a magnificent city and I would love to live here.


Haarlem Train Station – look at all the bikes parked double time!! Amsterdam Central Station is even crazier! Not the best shot from my car window.

Christian has 3 friends over tonight as his sister and brother are away at a sleepover. I took the boys to the mall and walked around by myself while they hung out and walked home by themselves. Having a teenager and letting him go on his own with his friends is still a challenge for me, but I’m doing it and he is so cool about it.  He’s helping me to learn how to let go, by calling and checking in and letting me know what he’s up to so I don’t worry.  He has a very nice group of friends: one is from India, the other is from France and the third friend is from England. They all go to school together and share several classes, lunch and soccer games at break time. It was cool to hear their stories about what schooling is like in their home countries, and about all the different places they have lived. What lucky kids!


This is for all my Dutch friends! It’s the Blonde character that is very popular here – this design is all over dishes, plates, cups, linens, serving pieces, etc. Isn’t it cheerful?