Gun Control

Let’s talk about gun control and how to protect our kids, our future, and our society.

The only shooting I ever want to see is this type, someone shooting on goal.

Gun control starts years before anyone even thinks about picking up a gun.

Let’s start with respect. Respect your parents. Respect your elders. Respect yourself and others and others’ property. Respect your teachers.

Partners – respect and love your chosen partner and do your part to create love and peace in your home daily. Honor one another.

Do your work. Always. And stop complaining. Just do it. Doing the work takes discipline and discipline is needed in just about anything you value.

Be more self less and less self entitled.

Hold the door open for others.

Give love and respect freely.

Understand and feel compassion for others.

Practice the art of connection. Smiles are free. Look someone in the eye and greet them. Call your mom. Call your grandmother. Call your best friend. Return a text message or voicemail or email in a reasonable amount of time.

Be friendly. Be a good friend. Celebrate your friends’ gifts.

Call of duty means something significant. A call of duty is to serve and to protect our country. It’s not hours spent in front of a video screen playing a violent game and feeling nothing.

Go outside and play and run around and learn to be responsible and to get along with others in your neighborhood.


Know your neighbors and talk to them.

Give back to your community without expecting anything in return. Help one another.

Mental illness is real and we need to talk about it more. We need better systems to treat and medicate those with this illness and to support the family members who bear the responsibility for their loved ones with this type of incapacitation.

Have empathy and try to understand how lucky you are and how others might not be as fortunate as you.

Make time for family dinners or a family breakfast or a family walk. Make time to see and to listen to each other and to connect with your family members. You are important to them and they are important to you.

Follow your moral compass. Religious institutions provide structure and purpose. Choose yours wisely and give of yourself to your beloved institution.

Be mindful. Think before you act.

Go to bed and sleep 8-10 hours. We are sleep deprived and we need more sleep to be healthier.

Make your bed every morning.

Choose the harder right versus doing what’s instantly satisfying.

Work. Then play. In that order.

Laugh. It feels good.

Be nice.

Be okay.

If we collectively practice what we value, maybe we’ll create more happiness, love and light in this world.  One Love.

We’ll practice gun control by keeping them locked up in safes to protect us from evil instead of creating evil acts with them.

The best gun control happens between your ears.


Be Courageous

The Pope sent a message of courage that I love. I believe in One Love, that we are all connected in our humanity however we choose to believe or not believe as long as we are practicing living with love as our intention.  If we look closely, we are more alike than we are different. The world is especially feeling this with the Syrian refugee crisis and feeling a connection to the family whose little boy drowned on the beach in Turkey.

“Pope Francis and the People” aired on ABC News’ “20/20” on Friday, Sept. 4, at 10 p.m. ET. The event is posted in its entirety on

Here are some of the highlights:

“We are all created for friendship in society. All of us bear responsibility for everyone else,” the pope said. “And each one has to make a choice in his or her heart. And we have to help that choice to be made in the heart. ….” Pope Francis

We are social beings and we need our friends and neighbors to walk with us on this life journey.

“What I hope for from youth is for you all not to walk alone in life,” he said. “Life is very difficult. It’s difficult to walk alone. You get lost. You get confused. You can find the wrong path or you can be walking around in circles, in a maze, or worst, you can stop because you get tired of walking in life. Always walk hand-in-hand with someone who loves you, someone who gives you tenderness.” – Pope Francis


BeLoveRs change the world, with every thought, every word, and with every action.

One Love.


Liberty and Love

We visited Philadelphia today and showed the kids the liberty bell.  It’s not exactly thrilling for kids, but I felt the significance of it as a big kid.

I’m especially glad we went to see it near Independence Day as it represents our freedom, our pursuit of happiness and our rights to living freely and equally. I think it is just as significant a symbol today as it was 239 years ago.


My dream is that we continue to practice loving one another every day and accept and be curious about our differences that make us all so very interesting! 

BeLoved.  nAMaste

Love Month

It’s Valentine’s Month. I know – typically we call it Valentine’s Day, but I love to celebrate love every day, and even more so during the days of February. Yes, I am sappy, but you already know that.

I had some grand plans to create special valentine’s for one person each day during the month, but instead I’ve set an intention for each special someone each day and have gotten so far as to send a quick text message.

I’m not sure that counts 100%, but maybe it counts for the thought? And for the moment that I’m writing to my BeLoveD, I do think of them with love and also about what I love about them.

Yes, my life is busy and full just the way I love it to be – and I haven’t made this Love Project the top of my priority list, even though it should be!! I’d like to think that I’m loving those in my circle of love by cooking and cleaning and shopping and chatting and driving here and there and working on spreadsheets and sharing great visions. Yeah, that’s it – I feel better now. I’m still spreading the love, just in a different way than I had originally intended and it’s a beautiful thing.

I think we should celebrate each other while we’re alive and give thanks for those who make our lives awesome by being in it together with whatever gifts they bring, even if that’s just with a quick text to say hi, I see you and miss you and love you, bye. In your own words, of course. 🙂

Who do you love? Have you told them lately? I bet they would love to hear it from you.

Spread the love BeLoveRs – it’s free and powerful and feels great! No calories. xoxo


I love women.

I love how women take care of each other.

I love how we care for kids and build community.

I love women who love their families.

I love how empathetic we are to each other and how we can really feel each other’s joys and pains.

I love how smart we are.

I love our beauty and how we admire each other.

I love our strength and how we endure pain.

I love how we help one another.

I love how we offer to bring meals, to pray, to visit, to call and text, when one of us is suffering.

I love when women are filled with grace, especially when we are hurt and we give up our need for control and accept what is.

I love that we love.

I love women, especially the women in my life who embody these truths.

Thank you for being wonderful you.

Carry on BeLoveD Warrior Women!



Hello BeLovers!



Be Love.

Be Loved.

Today one of my 305 blog followers and favorite commenters (Kris) commented on my blog and described herself as one of my “bloggies.” I was just thinking about how thankful I am that you read my blog and that some of you read it every day. You follow along with me, sometimes sharing comments, sometimes liking what I write either publicly or privately, and sometimes just silently reading, but you visit and come back again and again and I love it.

One blogger I follow has hundreds of thousands of followers and she calls us followers, her Monkees. We are part of her Monkee community and it’s just an endearing word to group us together.

I thought more about rock stars and their followers and several of their fan clubs have names. For example,

Justin Bieber has Beliebers.

Lady Gaga has Little Monsters.

Katy Perry has KatyCats.

Taylor Swift has Swifties.

I wanted to come up with a name for my followers too, not that I’m a rock star and have a big following, but 300+ is big for me. I want to call you BeLovers – which connects to Here I am by just BEing You.  Just Be. Be Love. Be Loved. Be Loving. Be a Lover of all that is good.  BeLovers.

What do you think? Is that corny? Cute? Stick with it or find another bloggies name?  Help me out BeLovers!! xoxo