Photo Booth Fun

I absolutely get a kick out of these every time. I love being silly and watching my family and friends be crazy, wild and free too. It’s good for my soul.

 Thank you R&D for hosting a fun and festive Christmas party this past weekend. We definitely lived it up!  

I hope you get a laugh out of our silliness too and make time to play with your beloveds.
xo namaste


Being Silly


Target had the best wigs for Halloween! Juliana and I had so much fun laughing at ourselves and being silly.

No makeup, and just being crazy!

Jeff and I also had fun at Russ’ 50th birthday party tonight with friends from our neighborhood, enjoying drinks and appetizers and singing karaoke, while also watching the Stanford football game on TV. How’s that for multitasking?



Life is good! Hope you are enjoying your end of the week.