Day 19: Summer

Flowing…going with the flow and being in the moment. That is what I’m doing this week and am loving having the time and space to flow, even though I find it challenging to let go of schedules, expectations and control.

Tonight we ate dinner at 9pm, after Christian prepared it for us. We never eat this late, but tonight this is what flow felt like and we flowed, eating on the couches in the family room sharing crazy, chaotic, interrupted conversations.

Tonight I caught up with an old friend in between drop off and pick up points, because I’ve missed her and was curious enough to text and attempt to connect at the last minute and she said, YES!  This is what flow felt like in the moment of not being too busy! It was great to give her and her girls hugs and to share a few moments together.

I could get used to this perfectly imperfectly unstructured summer and can’t believe we are almost 3 weeks in already. Where does the time go?

Life is good, especially when we flow.


My Backyard Moments

I got to enjoy moments in my backyard this morning because I decided to use the smoker to smoke chicken for our dinner tonight.

Now that I’m working, I cook dinner first thing in the morning before work, so that it’s ready when everyone comes home.  Everyone comes home at different times and we’re all typically hungry and on the run to evening meetings and practices. It’s nice to just have healthy meals ready to consume and share. It’s my idea of fast food.

So anyway, back to the backyard. In the winter time,  I hardly step foot out there. But today the smoker brought me outdoors. As I was waiting for the last chicken breast to reach 165 degrees, I explored and admired the new life that was in bloom and was thankful for these moments.

When I uncovered the sofa, I found this surprise little visitor and actually picked him up and moved him safely to the bushes.

I haven’t seen a lizard here before and this one reminded me of my childhood days and feeling excited and scared at the same time as I tried to catch him. I think I squealed.

And finally the chicken was ready and I moved back inside to continue on with another full and exciting day.

Are you noticing spring beginning to bloom where you are? It’s almost time to spring the clocks forward. I’m also loving that it’s staying lighter longer again. It’s a wonderful time of the year!


Baby Love

We visited our friend’s new 8 week old baby and fell in love!  

Babies bring so much joy and love and create connections just by being. We all sat on the floor together and were entertained and felt content. I loved hearing all about the joys and stories of learning and being fully in the moment with their new baby as she learns to be alone, to go potty in the right places, how to chew on toys and not people, and how and when to sleep. I loved watching her play and then fall asleep in her mama’s arms.  All babies are so sweet and fun to be around.

Congratulations to our friends and their new baby girl! Isn’t she just perfect? It was such a joy to meet her and to play with her. Thanks for sharing your love!

Home Sick

Charlie was “bored” all day. I took away his screens and told him to find something to do.  He said he didn’t know what to do and that he was home sick.  I told him that being sick of  being at home was not the same as being home sick but I did appreciate his description. 

I also told him it’s perfectly fine to be “home sick” and that he had to learn how to entertain himself without an electronic device.

I sat with him and we read together for about thirty minutes with about twenty interruptions.  One day he’ll be able to sit still and concentrate. Right now we are still “patiently” practicing.
He discovered his Kapla blocks and this made me happy to see him playing on the floor.
Finally he decided to go outside and play and took the bakfiets for a ride through the neighborhood.

I loved watching him from the kitchen window and seeing him happy and outside. Of course, I went outside to capture the moment and he invited me in for a ride. I declined and he offered again. I changed my mind and climbed in with my dress on and faced my fears to share the experience with him.  He liked driving me around and scaring me by going over the bumps.    

I loved that he still wanted to play.

Life is good, even when you’re home sick.



Did you play today?

I danced around my kitchen and teased my husband. Does that count?

I chose to watch my kids play at the ice rink with friends this morning.

I loved that all three wanted to be on the ice together because as they get older, their interests are sometimes different. I loved watching them have fun.

After ice skating, we went to see Jessie in her Little Mermaid play. I love the theater and seeing talented kids perform. It takes so much work to make it all look easy and I appreciate this.


I was anxious today because Charlie is getting ready to go to sleep away science camp and I was helping him pack and clean his room. I can’t believe my baby is leaving me already and he’s off to middle school this fall. After we finished packing and cleaning, he wanted to play with me. Who am I to resist? I am thankful that he wants to play with me still and I want to soak in all his sweetness.


I know these years go by quickly – all the wise women have told me so. So even when I’m frustrated and tired, I still choose to play.

Life is good.

Hope you got some rest and play in your day, today.

Being in the Moment

I didn’t take any pictures today and instead just enjoyed the moments without feeling like I had to capture what was.

Instead, I just enjoyed the conversation, the scenery and just being.

I went for a hike with my BFF and although it was only 6+ miles, we probably could have gone 50 miles and not even noticed or felt tired. We were so happy to just be together out doing what we love and chatting and sharing and catching up that we hardly even noticed where we were.

I love these moments when time just passes by and you don’t even realize it because you are so content doing what you’re doing.

I was going to cook dinner tonight and then another friend dropped by, took off her shoes and decided to stay for awhile. I love when friends do this. I broke out the goat cheese from Harley Farms, some fresh red grapes and sliced the bread i picked up at the┬áproduce market today, and opened a bottle of my favorite Hess chardonnay to share with her. We sat together for over an hour and just caught up and enjoyed each other’s company, while our kids played outside.

I love this life. I love the simplicity of it all and just flowing with whatever comes my way.

Life is a miracle and I am loving it.

How was your Saturday?