You May Be Right

These are my favorite words from today.

How many times a day are we offered an opinion or thought that is different than what we believe or expect or wish to hear?

Sometimes these differing opinions create emotional conflict and sometimes we get caught up in the flow of the discussion trying to prove our opinion and to prove we are right.

But what if we just say, “you may be right.” There might be another sentence to follow, or there may be silence. You get to pick how engaged and how long you wish to continue the debate, I mean discussion.

I’ll give you an example. 

Your daughter says to you, “My math teacher is terrible.” You might want to explain why this isn’t true and share your opinion and keep the conversation going. Or you might just acknowledge her and say, “You may be right”  and move on to the dishes or reading or anything else, but arguing.

I can’t usually stop at just one sentence. I usually have to add my opinion, as a good teacher and knowing better of course, and add an And conjunction.  

My response would be more like, “You may be right AND you’re still responsible for your own grade.”

This is a very handy statement for busy people like us, to change the conversation, to exit a conflict gracefully and to bow out without going on and on.  

You should try it the next time you feel like reacting and don’t want to get into it.  Who knows? I may be right. 🙂

Good Night!! xo

Day 7 – Juliana Home from Japan

I am thankful that our baby girl returned home safely from Japan today.

We were up until 2am our time, texting back and forth until her plane departed from Tokyo.  I finally felt like I could rest but I was too anxious and kept waking up every couple of hours, wondering if she was okay and if her plane was still safe. 

I was thankful when her texts returned this morning letting me know she was almost on the ground and when she finally landed.  We were all at the airport waiting and anticipating her arrival, along with her friends and classmates. The feeling of homecoming was overwhelming and exciting. At the same time, I felt connected to my sister cousin and felt her pain knowing that her son was not coming home. It’s hard to feel complete joy now when I am aware of such pain. Yin and yang. We are all connected. As I was sharing her pain, she was sharing my joy. This is surreal to me. It’s our shared journey and reality. It’s real and makes me especially appreciate life and all that is good, despite all that is bad, every day. 

I am thankful for this one life and plan to continue living it up each day, celebrating and feeling and connecting and sharing and loving, good times and bad. 

nAMaste BeLoveRs and welcome home Juliana. 


Day 180: The Blessings of Skype and FaceTime

While I was washing the dishes, I decided to call my mom in California. To my surprise, all my nieces and my dad were at home with her. I was so excited to see all their faces using FaceTime on my phone and then Skype on the bigger computer screen.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in the States, which means the public schools are closed and the reason my parents are with the grand kids. They were talking about going to get chocolate chip donuts and were headed to the park. It looks like a beautiful, sunshine filled day in California! I’m so glad we got to see their view!


We showed them our snow covered yard and told them how we were walking on the frozen canals and were going to make snow ice cream tonight.

We’re also baking chocolate chip cookies for Charlie’s class to celebrate his half birthday, sine he’s a summer birthday child. In Holland, they use baking paper or bakpapier to line their cookie sheets. Always something new to learn while living abroad!