Back Story

  You know there’s always a back story to what we see and read.

Facebook and Instagram and blogging and family photos and parties and  e-V-e-R-y-T-h-I-n-G is a show. They represent the-best-of-our life show!  But there’s typically the behind the scenes events we don’t share.  Only the people closest to us get to see and really know and get the back stage pass.

We work hard every day to hold it together, to shine, to be prepared, to show up, to be the best we can be and it takes work and struggles and makeup and cute clothes and wigs. Yeah, we all have a wig or a mask that we wear. Yep, we do. Quick, smile, you’re on candid camera!!

I choose to share the highlights and yet there is usually a back story. Sometimes the back story helps me to actually write my story after I stop and digest and reflect to glean the good.

Today one of my BFFs shared this with me after I gave her a back stage pass to one of my posts:  “I love the way your back stories always end with a silver lining. You seek it out and recognize it. That’s your gift.”

We all have our struggles. We are all learning and adapting and doing the best we can. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?  We’re doing something right and sharing the (high)lights and creating our love stories every day. I love seeing your snapchat stories, Instagram posts, blogs and Facebook status updates. You’re the best reality TV! Keep shining. Keep sharing. Keep living it up.

nAMaste and thank you my friend for sharing your words of wisdom.


Behind the Scenes


Do you ever really think about all that happens behind the scenes? Like getting ready for Christmas? Preparing for finals or a a big presentation? Lots of work goes on to get things just right and ready.

Tonight I got to help out back stage during Juliana’s play. It was such a different perspective and I enjoyed watching the kids going on and off stage and into the green room. I liked seeing them transforming from one character to the next and I loved listening to them whisper to each other behind the scenes. This perspective helped me to appreciate how much work goes into creating a production.

Behind the scenes and waiting in the shadows.

Seeing things from behind.


Costume changes.

The End. Closed Curtain. Success!

Behind the Scenes

Do you ever think about what goes on behind the scenes? It could be behind the scenes of a sporting league, your favorite company, a celebration, your spouse’s work, your kid’s classroom, or an advertisement or performance just to name a few.

So much work and planning and details and repetition and rework and editing and practice to capture the right moment, the right product, the right exposure, the best performance.

Today I worked for three hours behind the scenes helping the costume department get ready for this week’s play performances. The Director was interacting with the Costume Designer and the volunteer parents and the cast to get all the costume parts assigned. The costume director was gathering and fitting all the pieces for each role and working with us as we labeled and organized all the parts for each role and cast member. It was a controlled, chaotic and long process that we typically don’t think about when watching a show.

This made me think of all the other jobs and events that take place every day and all the work that we don’t see or visualize to make things become what they are. It made me appreciate that not everything is about instant gratification and perhaps our kids are learning through theater and sports and music and other events what life is really like. Hard work that leads to satisfying results. On with the show!