Light and Laundry

My family room has become my laundry room. I was hoping to have all the laundry done before the end of the day, but of course that didn’t happen.  I was just caught up two days ago, and already the piles are high! How does that happen so quickly?

I don’t really like seeing piles of laundry sitting in my living room, but today I saw it in a new light. Literally.  

I was having fun in the kitchen making all kinds of messes and interesting dishes, and the beautiful light shining unexpectedly in the room caught my eye.


The sun was setting after 7:30 pm and this light should not have been piercing through this room that way.  I was curious. 

It actually was reflecting off a neighbor’s mirrored windows and reflecting into our room.  I loved how it caught my eye and I was able to snap a quick picture with my iPhone 6.  (I just felt like I had to add that camera type in the details as Apple is advertising their photos in magazines and billboards everywhere touting the excellent photos their phones can take and I agree!) 

Sometimes we find something interesting and beautiful in the not so interesting simplicity of repetitive laundry.
What did you find interesting or beautiful today?

xo Adriana