I love babies. I see them and want to hold them and love them and take pictures of them and hold them again. I love their innocence and playfulness and I love just watching them be.

I didn’t know how much I would love fur babies.  I must be getting soft in my old age.  I can see how my family loves them and this makes me love them even more.  I find myself sneaking in their room to see how they’re doing and I talk to them in that squeaky voice and surprise myself.  They are super cute!


I was never an animal lover before but I think I’ve changed!  

Life is good.  


Childlike Wonder

Do you still have it? I hope I never, ever lose it.

I am still fascinated by ladybugs and wishing flowers. The simple things in life. And the clouds and the fog. And babies. All forms of babies.

Today I was fascinated by the baby farm animals and am thankful that in this crazy, busy Silicon Valley world we live in, that we still have open spaces preserved for us BIG kids at heart to get away from it all and to remember the simple life.

Life is good. Don’t forget your childlike wonder and go outside and play and breathe. Namaste.



This mama had triplets! Bless her.

My Babies

This is my baby girl who got a cute new haircut today.

My baby girl is really a teenager, but I still call her baby girl and think I always will.

My baby, who is almost double digits, tells me that he is the baby and always will be because he’s the youngest. I tell him that she is also my baby, even though she’s not a baby anymore.


He gives me a big hug and tells me that he’s so glad he came out of my tummy, as he rubs it and squeezes me tighter. I squeeze him back and hold him a little longer saying, “ditto!”
My oldest baby comes home tomorrow after being away for a week with our church youth group on a service trip, and I am so excited! I have missed him so much, even though I know he is safe and having the time of his life and is growing up and all that good stuff. But he’s still my baby and I like him safe in my nest. I’ve been feeling his absence and guess I’m getting a small sampling of what it will feel like when he moves out for college in a few short years. I can wait.

I am thankful for all my big babies!

What do you call your children? Will they always be thought of as your babies, like I do even when they are grown?

Life is good.

Baby Love

I spent time with baby P today and her mama. It brought back all kinds of memories and joy. I love babies and mamas and if I were to go back to work again, I’d come back as a mama’s helper. Women helping women. That’s my new mantra. I have a feeling this one will help guide me in the direction of what I should pursue next. But for now I’m still enjoying resettling with no expectations and limited demands on my schedule.

I think being a mom, especially a new mom is such a challenging job and takes all of your being. I think all moms should have an assistant, at least for the first year as they get acclimated and adapt to their new roles. Wouldn’t that be a good idea? I know I could have really used one when my little ones were little and I was transitioning into my new role as mama. It would be especially helpful in communities like Silicon Valley where most everyone is a transplant without family near by to help out. Don’t you think?

Being with baby P today made me smile. We sat on the floor and sang songs, learned some new sign language from her mama, watched her read and eat some books, and helped her balance and dance by holding onto my hands.

Life is good. Have you hugged a baby lately?



I love women.

I love how we lift each other up and support one another.

I love how we laugh and cry together and just understand.

I love how we celebrate each other and see the good.

I love how we learn from each other and are role models for one another.

I love how we share our babies, our stories, our fears and our struggles, and our friendship.

I love how we get together to exercise, eat, drink, party, cook, work, shop and play together.

I love how we text and chat and share photos and jokes and laughs and advice and fat stories!

I love how our lives are intertwined and how we are rooted together, both near and far, through our common values and goals.

Love you girlfriends! You inspire me. Thank you for being you. Keep up the good work! xo

Day 303: Babies

I don’t know if you can see the baby ducklings in this picture with my baby duckling.

They were so cute! I love how they stay close to their mama. Juliana and I were admiring the baby sheep in Ouderkerk today as we ran an errand together. We were in the car and I couldn’t get a good picture.

I want to keep my babies close to me, like this mama. My big baby is going to high school this year! That’s so hard to believe. I love my babies so much!!


Day 293: What Makes You Happy?

How much of your day do you get to spend doing things you love? What makes you happy and are you making time for those things?

This was painted on a store window in Fussen this week and I loved the saying. It gave me inspiration for tonight’s blog…

I think it’s kinda crazy that I’ve been blogging for over a year, every day. I obviously must like it as its become something I look forward to everyday, even though some days I don’t know what to write. As I sit down to just do it, inspiration always seems to magically appear. Writing and sharing and connecting and focusing on what’s good in my little world makes me happy. Reading your comments and hearing you tell me that you read my blog and make connections with my story makes me happy. I like taking the time to reflect on the days of my life as they swirl by, and I plan to turn my blog into a book when I’m done…so that I can taste life twice!

What do you love to do? What makes you happy every day? What would you do if you could do anything you wanted? I think we have to dream like that to make our dreams become reality. And I think it works!! If we are realistic with our expectations, we can find peace and joy every day. Some things that make us most happy are very simple, and some things take more time or money, but I bet most things that make us happy are attainable daily.

Today I didn’t feel good again (headaches and GERD) so I enjoyed staying home and resting all day, until it was time to see Charlie’s open class music show. Even though I didn’t feel good, I enjoyed seeing his passionate teacher and his class and his little body playing and smiling and laughing with his friends. I loved sitting next to my friends and watching hem enjoy their kids as well. And Jen’s baby made my day when she reached up and wanted to come sit on my lap and be with me. These things make me happy!




Kids make me happy.

Passionate and loving teachers make me happy.

Loving babies makes me happy.

Being part of a village filled with friends makes me happy.

Cooking delicious and healthy dinners make me happy.


Seeing this family made me happy.


Playing with my kids makes me happy.

All is good, even when I’m not well.

What made you happy today?