I have mixed feelings about awards ceremonies. As much as I love sharing the joys of life, awards ceremonies feel funny to me. They are not my favorite.

I am not the mom who put the bumper sticker on my car, proclaiming that my child is great.

Maybe it’s because this type of celebration is personal and doesn’t define my child to me. I don’t like the pressure, even though I have the expectation for them to be their personal best. And I don’t like singling them out. I prefer the connection with their peers and teachers and family and teams, as being a part of the whole.

I think I like the ordinariness of life and them just being, doing what they are doing and I don’t need an award as a receipt or acknowledgment of their success. And I don’t want others to feel less.

Awards measure what is tangible whereas I value more what is intangible: their character, and kindness, their ability to love others, their patience and determination to not give up and to work hard. Maybe the awards reflect some of these intangible values as well.

I do appreciate the awards and recognitions however they don’t bring as much joy as I would expect and that’s confusing to me. It feels like another one of those yin and yang moments. I am thankful for their hard work and that there is a way to recognize them, having us pause and to be present and to focus our awareness on all that is good in this moment called Awards Night.

Congratulations to all the awards recipients today! I guess I do kinda like awards after all, and you deserve the credit and acknowledgment for your good work.


Day 75 – Really only 75 days left?

Talk about living life to the fullest, today was so busy that my feet hurt and my heart is full.

I started today by cleaning the house and decluttering because the Relatives were coming to town!  I know I don’t have to clean for them, but still, I want the house to be presentable and ready for them. And I had a full day planned before they arrived at who-knows-what-time-they-were-coming. 

At 9:30 am, Marcia came to take me with her to Filoli Gardens in Woodside, which was such an honor. Typically she goes every year with her wonderful mother, Pat Hunter, but today Pat couldn’t go so she invited me to attend with her. We really enjoyed walking through the Filoli House and admiring all the artistic floral designs and displays. 


The Secret Garden, Discover the Magic – the theme for the day.  Doesn’t this door and garden look inviting?


This was my favorite display – I loved the texture of the rose silk ribbon tablecloth, and he pink and orange ribbon covered vase, and the gold place ware. It was formal and whimsical – I liked it a lot.


This display caught my eye because it was called Book Worm, and used ferns and monkey tails as the worms. I liked the mixed textures and pieces of wood with the giant green leaves, and a book tucked inside.


 Marcia and I enjoyed our lovely tea sandwiches and scones with lemon curd. I love her S&D necklace!! Too cute.

After the trip to Filoli, we both rushed back. J was receiving an award at school today at 2 pm and I still had to prepare my Stella & Dot displays for Christine’s party at 7 pm before my Relatives arrived at 4 pm and get to the store by 3:30 pm!  Phew – are you tired yet?


We are so proud of this girl – she is smart and sweet and cute and fun and loving! What could be better? And what was even better than her Reading award, and winning as a runner up in the yearbook cover contest, was that her Math Olympiad team placed in the top 10% in the World and there were 3700 teams in 25 countries participating this year. What a huge accomplishment, demonstrating their ability to think critically and solve problems. I am so proud of her, and her classmates, her teachers and the parents who volunteered. Thanks a million!

After the awards banquet and grocery shopping, the family arrived. I was ecstatic! They are spending Mother’s Day with me. How cool is that? I was so happy to see them, I had that permagrin thing going on again. Maybe I’m just tired and giddy but I think it’s more…


Can they be any cuter?

Shortly after it was time to take JC to his friend’s birthday party – pizza, cake, Game Truck, friends, sodas – what more could be better for a young boy on a Friday night?


And after dropping him off, we came back to the house for a speedy appetizer / snack type dinner before heading over to Christine’s to host a Stella & Dot trunk show with her friends. It was fun to visit, see her new remodel, share a glass of wine and nibbles, stories, jewels and girl time!  

Well, that’s all for today. I am tired now, but I think I deserve to be and to go to bed! Good night, friends.  xo