United We Stand

The score was 35-0. Stanford beat Army on a gorgeous, summer day with a slight breeze flowing through the stadium.  The students aren’t back in school yet so the crowd was sparse.

We enjoyed a mini-tailgate with friends and our family, after a morning of soccer games, and got to enjoy more friends once we got inside the stadium.

My favorite parts of the game were the beginning and the end.  At the beginning of the game, Stanford cheerleaders and armed service personnel held and waved a giant flag while the Stanford band performed on the field.


Nearby the Boy Scouts of America stood at attention in their uniforms as the National Anthem played.

At the end of the game, Stanford ran off the field, following Army to their fan and band area to sing Army’s Alma Mater together.  

When the song was over, Army followed Stanford to their fan and band area and stood together, singing Stanford’s Alma Mater.  This was very touching.

United we stand.

Life is good.

Day 287: Germany Road Trip


The kids have off from school tomorrow and Friday for Dutch national holidays. So we are off on a 4 day road trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Jeff used to serve in the military and was a Scout Platoon Leader in the 11th Armored Cavalry and served in Fulda, Germany. We want to go back and see where he was stationed for a brief time and share this with the kids while we can.

It is a five hour drive tonight from Amsterdam to Fulda. We left soon after school let out and all our bags were loaded in the car. I packed sandwiches and snacks, fresh fruit and cheese, nuts and sweets so we could have dinner on the road. The kids are content with their DVD movies playing overhead, iPods with music and games, and paper and pens. The minivan gives them room to spread out with blankets and pillows in comfort. Jeff and I love long drives as everyone is together and mostly content without too many demands. He enjoys to drive and I love to read and play on my iPhone.

I’m excited for what the weekend will bring… So far lots of rain and yellow fields, a beautiful sunset and quaint little villages nestled in the hills.


Life is good.


Goodnight, from Germany.