Sadie Hawkins

Tonight was the Sadie Hawkins dance and Juliana asked a friend to go with her.

It was fun to watch her get up the courage to ask someone and then watch her be excited and nervous up until the date. She made a poster inviting her date to go with her and was so happy when he said yes.

I helped her pick out an outfit and did her makeup and gave her some hair styling tips. My baby girl is growing up!!

We went shopping together for appetizers for her friends before the dance, and cleaned the house together.

While we gone, Charlie decided to decorate the house with streamers, signs and paper lanterns. He is very cute with this sappy stuff and I love it.

The kids were dressed in Surf attire to match the casual theme. They hung out for awhile before I dropped them off, fashionably late.

I hope they are having a good time!

Good night.

Superbowl Sunday Fun

Today was Superbowl Sunday. We were excited to watch the game with friends and family and to consume as many calories as possible!  I heard that the average American would consume at least 2000 calories while watching the game. That is more calories than most women and children consume in one day.

When the Weight Watchers commercial came on during the show, I felt incredibly guilty and wished that they would disappear.

We loved watching Katy Perry perform and entertaining us. She was awesome. The lion she came in on was magical. She is so powerful and didn’t even need Lenny or Missy to complete the show.

We enjoyed the American spirit, eating great food, drinking adult beverages, and enjoying the game together.

This is our life and we’re living it up the best way we know how.I am thankful that Laurie shared her favorite appetizer recipes with me.


I am thankful that April and Steve had us all over to celebrate together.

I am happy to be living in the USA.

Life is good.

Hope you had fun relaxing on this marvelous Sunday and that you have a fabulous week ahead.

Be well BeLoveRs.