Whatever you’re waiting for, I hope it comes your way in time and makes you happy. 

Cheers to my friend in Holland who has been waiting for her daughter to be cancer free and she finally received this awesome news.

To my family and everyone else dealing with grief and waiting and wading in it, I’m hoping peace finds you.

Tonight I sat on my porch and patiently waited for my sister and niece to arrive. I have been excited all day just knowing that they were coming. I am happy they chose to come our way and are spending the weekend with us.

I remember 9-11. I choose to live in the moment and create peace, joy, love and connection everyday. Never forget.

Life is good, especially with family in it. xoxo

Vacation Begins

All the promotions and celebrations are complete and we had “nothing” to do today!!!! Yay, for summer vacation!

My kids were most excited for our kittens to arrive and have been counting down the days. 

They are finally 10 weeks old and today they were finally ready to join our family, after gaining two pounds and being big enough to be spayed and neutered.

I love the feeling of anticipation and preparing and waiting for something BIG to happen.  Getting kittens was one of those BIG events for my kids and I loved seeing their joy and excitement.


Juliana said it’s only the first day of summer break and it’s already the best. She is one, lucky girl and I love her happy soul.  


The kids and furry ones are having a slumber party together tonight. So far, so good and no meowing coming from their room. 

Good night! xoxo

Day 7 – Juliana Home from Japan

I am thankful that our baby girl returned home safely from Japan today.

We were up until 2am our time, texting back and forth until her plane departed from Tokyo.  I finally felt like I could rest but I was too anxious and kept waking up every couple of hours, wondering if she was okay and if her plane was still safe. 

I was thankful when her texts returned this morning letting me know she was almost on the ground and when she finally landed.  We were all at the airport waiting and anticipating her arrival, along with her friends and classmates. The feeling of homecoming was overwhelming and exciting. At the same time, I felt connected to my sister cousin and felt her pain knowing that her son was not coming home. It’s hard to feel complete joy now when I am aware of such pain. Yin and yang. We are all connected. As I was sharing her pain, she was sharing my joy. This is surreal to me. It’s our shared journey and reality. It’s real and makes me especially appreciate life and all that is good, despite all that is bad, every day. 

I am thankful for this one life and plan to continue living it up each day, celebrating and feeling and connecting and sharing and loving, good times and bad. 

nAMaste BeLoveRs and welcome home Juliana. 


Feeling Anxious

I know I have nothing to complain about and that my worries really aren’t worries. But they are on my mind and make me anxious and rock my world a bit.

My baby is leaving for sleep away science camp in the morning. He laid out all his clothes and toiletries and personal items and walked through his checklist, checking things off as he found what he needed. I helped him to pack everything away, but mainly he did it all on his own. He’s growing up and I see it. I see him changing in front of my eyes and it makes me a little crazy. I know it’s a good thing and it’s really weird when you’re actually aware of the change happening as it’s happening. This rite of passage trip is a good thing. This rite of passage…yeah, I know, I know. Still anxious.

I know he has to go off with his classmates and sleep away from home, with “strangers.”  He doesn’t find out who his bunkmates will be until he arrives.  He’ll have to do things on his own and repack his bag and remember all of his belongings without my help.  I know he can do it. But I kinda like looking after my little bird.

My nest will feel empty with him away. I like knowing that he is safe with me and that we are here for him, if he needs us, not that he ever really does.  He’s pretty self sufficient, and tonight when he asked me to get him some water, I felt honored to help him and not irritated. He needed me.

He does need me of course, and I need him. He asked me to come snuggle on the couch tonight since it was his last night at home. He’s feeling it too. Of course, I stopped what I was doing and we snuggled and watched tv, under a cozy blanket. I am going to miss him.

At the same time as he is leaving, we are also receiving a Japanese exchange student for 12 days.  I am excited and anxious about this too. I was nesting, getting her room ready and cleaning up the house and wondering what to bring her and what to buy for her and what to cook.  I was even learning and practicing Japanese. We don’t speak any Japanese and I hope she speaks a few words of English. Otherwise, I am hoping that Google Translate will help us to understand one another.  I am excited to have a guest and to share and learn from one another, despite our language barrier and my initial anxiety.


Life is good, and sometimes a little anxious!

Favorite Time of the Day

What is your favorite time of the day?

When do you feel most alive and happy?

My favorite time is the beginning and the end.

I love waking up in the morning and most days I don’t care what time I’m awake. I typically wake up before my alarm, anticipating and feeling excited about enjoying my first cup of coffee. I think what I love most about it is the ritual, the shared experience and the warmth that comes from drinking it with my husband. He is the one who typically makes us coffee every day and I truly appreciate him doing this for me. Seriously, I am happy with the little things like someone making me coffee.

My second favorite part of my day is when I climb into bed at night. I love the feeling of the comfort that all is well and settled and I am done. I get to be still and quiet and reflect on my day before I write, which I truly enjoy. I love that I have someone to snuggle up next to and rest with until I get to repeat my favorite parts again the next day.

I love that my day begins and ends with my husband. I guess both parts are similar – anticipation, ritual, shared experience and warmth – just in different forms. These are a few of my favorite things.

Your turn. What do you love about your days? I hope your days are filled with love. Namaste.

GGG – Day 27 – Anticipation

Do you think this is true?

“…anticipation of happiness can sometimes be as gratifying as its consummation.” – Gaynor Arnold

I think there is a lot to be said about the process of waiting and anticipating what will come.

I was so excited and anxious about our trip to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. The anticipation of the joy we will experience together is almost just as exciting as the reality of the shared space. Does that ever happen to you?

I have been excited for the journey to Oma’s and Opa’s house all week. I bought snacks and movies for the kids to surprise them during the car ride and brought gifts for everyone.

The car ride down to Thousand Oaks
was pretty enjoyable. Stopping in San Luis Obispo was a highlight and not rushing made life easier. The kids are older now so traveling with them is a bit easier as they can entertain themselves and can mostly control the audio system in the car.

So today I am thankful for the journey of waiting and anticipating what will come. I love this holiday and it’s great to be back in the states, even though I miss my other life!

Namaste and Happy Thanksgiving!

Road trip near Carpenteria.

One of a Thousand Oaks!

Baking pies together.

Making new friends and learning together.

Life is good!