Day 30: Summer

Simple joys.

I had to go into Anthropologie just to see the creative art displays.  

This one was made out of balloons and cupcake liners, tied together by string in such an artistic way. I love simple things like this. How about you?  And how do they come up with these crazy and beautiful ideas?  

Tomorrow is a new week. What do you have planned?  I hope you have a great week! 

xo Adriana


Santana Row

I love this place because it’s beautiful, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing. It’s fun just to walk down the street and to admire the plants, displays, fancy cars and fancy people.  I love looking in the windows of the shops and to admire all the creativity and beauty.

Here are a few things that caught my eye today and made me smile.

This reminded me of our trip to Turkey. I love the detail and light reflecting on the wall. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Pretty pink potted flowers.


This whimsical elephant in Anthropologie made me smile and stare for awhile.

I am in love with succulents right now, especially wall art succulents like Wendy made for her backyard. These are hanging inside the Splendid store.