Antidote to Anxiety


Sunnyvale Sky

Check out the scenery. This was the beautiful day we got to experience thanks to Charlie and his soccer try-outs this afternoon. The clouds and the mountains and the fall leaf colors in the open space made me say aahhhhhhhhhhh.  Namaste. Relaxed for an hour.  Ahhhhhhh.

The holidays bring anxiety to my body. I feel like there is so much to do and it overwhelms my body, wondering how it’ll all come together, even though it always does. Preparing for Christmas makes me feel like preparing for finals. I like to do everything BUT prepare and procrastinate instead. My laundry is done. My inbox is empty yet my shopping list and card list and detailed plans have not been touched. Why do we procrastinate when the tasks feel daunting?  It’s not like not doing anything is going to help us. I wish I could just dive in and conquer the beast, yet I continue to procrastinate instead and find everything else to do instead. This is a strange behavior!  Do you ever do this?  I wonder why.  I think I work better under pressure, and will probably wait until the last minute to get it all done.

How was your day? Did you do any work? Relax? Explore? Exercise? There are so  many wonderful things to do in this world. What did you choose?

We chose to go to the Korean market to buy marinated meats and noodles and vegetables to prepare at  home for dinner. We chose seaweed salad, spicy eggplant, noodles with veggies, spicy pork, marinated ribeye, and short ribs. Going to the Korean market is such an experience of sights, sounds and smells and being a minority. Everyone was really friendly and helpful and I noticed how there are different culture norms for space and pace. People would stand right next to me in my personal space. Others would block walk ways and not move, even when there was a cart right next to their feet. One bumped right into me and was polite enough to say excuse me. Others walked so slowly and stopped in the doorway to look for things, oblivious to the fact that people were trying to get out. Once the woman started moving, she walked at a snail’s pace and we patiently waited, curious and dumbfounded by the differences in priorities.  Life is so interesting and good.

Here was what caught my eye tonight at the salad bar at the Korean market  – anchovies by the pound!  Did you see anchovies today? Want some?  We skipped these lil’ delicacies.



I was happiest today when I was cooking with my husband, preparing a meal for our family and a friend. We just loved being home, sharing a drink, conversation and making a delicious meal together and cleaning up as we went. It’s the little things that bring great joy. Gifts not gaps. Life is good.