Day 307: Joy On A Bike


I played hooky today and skipped my Dutch class. The sun was shining and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and I needed Vitamin D and exercise. Does that sound like a good excuse? Plus now that I’m moving in 2 months, my desire to master the language has dwindled… Not that I don’t want to learn Dutch, but I only have so many days left with the kids in school (think free kid care) and sun shiny days.

I thought you might love to see the beautiful forest by my house from a biker’s point of view. Enjoy!!







Love the goat farm, and this little guy jumping through the air!



These flowers are right by my front door and were so nice to see when I came home.

And to end the beautiful day, the kids and I and our friends walked to the ice cream shop to celebrate the sunshine and warm weather after school. Living in the moment and living it up!



Life is good, and sweet! Namaste.

Day 211: Down on the Farm

It feels like Friday today, but its only Thursday. My timing is off because the kids are off from school this week and April and Steve are here on vacation with us. But the sad part is that they are leaving to go back home tomorrow. But I told the littlest one we couldn’t be sad today because we have to enjoy the moment. She agreed, until it was bed time and she looked at me with her big brown eyes, full of happiness and sadness all swirled together. And the big tears started rolling out, until Juliana told her to look up to stop the tears. It kinda worked but not really. We all just felt it, and hugged and agreed to not really cry until tomorrow.

Today we wanted to just chill at the house and didn’t get dressed until after lunch time. Everyone was happy just hanging out together.

20130222-000510.jpg Breakfast croissants

20130222-000601.jpg Fresh flowers that opened as soon as Jeff brought them home to me. Aren’t they beautiful?
When we finally decided to get out and enjoy the sunshine, we were shocked how cold it actually was. But we braved the literally freezing temperature and (ad)ventured over to the forest to explore Adventure Island and the goat farm. We all had fun being outdoors, but had to keep moving so our hands and feet wouldn’t freeze.

20130222-001236.jpg Rope Swingin’


20130222-001542.jpg Walkin’ the planks!

20130222-001643.jpg Running on the wiggly bridge

20130222-001838.jpg Enjoying the mama pig and the baby pig nudging her to move for milk access. So funny to watch.

20130222-002056.jpg Seesaw fun for five

Day 104: The Sun is Shining, Let’s Go Outside!


Oma on her bakfiets.


When the sun is shining, the Dutch go outside!  I dropped the kids off at school, and was planning to clean and cook and get ready for company tonight, but the SUN told me to do otherwise. I came in and told my parents I was taking them for a ride today – on bikes!!  They were so cute and we all loved being outdoors together, getting some fresh air, exercise and sharing an adventure. We rode for at least an hour and probably would have kept on going if we didn’t have “work” to do!

We enjoyed riding all over Amstelveen and into the Amsterdamse Bos, a man-made forest close to my house. The sun was shining through the trees, and all the fall colors were beautiful. The crisp air felt fresh on our faces and we just had those perm-a-grins again. I hope the sun is shining again tomorrow. 😉


Checkout Opa on his OpaFiets – and what’s that on his head? I don’t think a hat counts as a helmet!!


Pure Joy!! Oh, to be a kid!! 😉