Tree (Pose)

Grounded, still, firm, open, spacious

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Young, new, maturing

Would you be rooted firmly in rich soil?

Tall, thin, focused

Would you be new, young, mature, or old?

Thin, colorful, bright

Where would you be living?

My tree pose on top of Mt. Hamilton from February.

Tree pose is my favorite yoga pose. I like to do it everywhere I go and Iike the feeling in my body of trying to balance on one leg.

I think trees are magical and now that I’m paying attention more, I notice the variety and diversity and the beauty that each shares, as I’m out walking every day.

Kinda like humans.

Happy Memorial Day with love to you and all the loved ones that have gone before us. Namaste.

A neighbor’s house

Rise Up

Rise Up

Rise up with your arms, your heart, your head, your eyes, your thoughts.

Inhale. Close your eyes and pause. Exhale.

Bring your hands to your heart center, with palms touching each other. Feel the earth beneath your feet, as you are rooted in love. Feel the sun shine on your face.

Take this moment to feel gratitude for your breath and being alive. Think about someone else that you appreciate and wish them well, in your mind.

Enjoy this moment with whatever feelings arise as this is part of our journey.

Namaste and Happy Memorial Day, honoring those who have served others and have died and gone before us, with love and gratitude.