Day 48: Summer

Tonight I am thankful for my BFF who always has good ideas and inspires me and picks me up and makes life great.

I am happy even when we are just in the same room, sitting on the beach or shopping on Santana Row.  It doesn’t matter what we do, I just love her energy.

Everyone needs a good friend like her! I am thankful for my sunshine! 

Be well, my friends. And be a good friend!! 


Day 44: Summer

Today we celebrated Charlie’s birthday at Hurricane Harbor in Valencia with his cousins. We were worried about the air quality as the Santa Clarita fires are burning out of control and were only 10% contained this morning.

We were lucky that the park and freeways were open and we were able to arrive before the park opened for the day.

As soon as we entered the park, we went to find lounge chairs in the shaded area first. Once we were settled, everyone began exploring and cooling off, as it was already so hot first thing in the morning.

We all had a good time, floating down the lazy river, splashing in the kid areas, bobbing up and down in the wave pool and riding a handful of rides.

Happy birthday, Charlie!  Today it was fun to play in the water and in the sun with our family.

Life is good.

Day 34: Summer

This is the life. 

This is my happily ever after right now, in this moment. 

This is the best staycation I never dreamed of.

I love this life. 

Thank you, Sunshine, for inviting us over tonight. We had a blast making pizzas and “shmores” and playing corn hole!! xo


You’ve Got Mail!

The door bell rang while we were just hanging out with friends. We weren’t expecting anyone else just then. Charlie said there was an Amazon truck parked outside. I hadn’t ordered anything recently so I was curious as to why they were knocking on my door.

It was my lucky day!  The package was for me and it was a gift from my sister! You have no idea but I LOVE surprises for no reason and today was one of those surprise kinda days.

Thank you my sister for loving me and surprising me with a thoughtful book! I can’t wait to read it and I’ve only got 10 pages left in the current book I’m reading !! 

Thanks a million!! I’m already happy and haven’t even opened it up yet!

Have you surprised someone lately??