Day 9: Summer

Caravan 2016 – Mexico

Our high schoolers left first thing this morning with their caravan, heading to Mexico for the next week, on a mission trip to serve others and to work side by side with their peers and advisors. I am scared, excited, happy, proud, anxious, grateful, in awe, and mostly thankful. 

I am thankful that our church believes in our youth and provides opportunities for them to practice our values in a loving environment. I am thankful for the plethora of advisors and volunteers who are dedicated to loving and supporting our youth and who give up their time graciously to be an active part of their lives. This trip takes a lot of work and preparation and dedication on so many levels. It truly is amazing to feel the synergy and I am proud of my kids for choosing to participate and am thankful to be part of this community.

Please send your good thoughts and prayers to keep them safe.

Our future is bright, BeLoveRs.

Happy Father’s Day. 


Day 4: Summer 

We played dodge ball today. I wish I could share the photo of all the children, youth and adults playing together and the smiles on their faces. I am refraining from sharing to protect their privacy, but it was amazing. My favorite part was playing with the kids in wheel chairs, and watching them play and laugh with the group. 

In the wake of what happened in Orlando this week, and thinking about what we can do, I have the answer.

We can choose to love one another and to play nicely together, no matter what. It’s one small way to make a difference. Listen. Share. Play. Love. Be fair. Take turns. Follow the rules. Include everyone. Be gentle. Run and laugh. Keep moving. Be kind. Repeat. (Just like playing dodgeball.)

nAMaste BeLoveRs. Spread the love.

Personal Exam

How did you take care of yourself today?

I saw two related posts today from women I admire, that made me think about this important question.

Here’s a a quick, 4 question, happily-ever-after-today Exam:

1) Did you get enough sleep last night?  

2) Did you drink enough water? 

3) Did you take time to exercise? 

4)Did you use time to do “nothing?”

I think these are important questions and reminders to make us think about how well we are taking care of ourselves in this busy time of living and being.

If this were my final exam (since my kids are in this space of studying for finals right now), I would have failed today, getting 25% correct on such a simple test. Ouch! 

This makes me think how I need to prepare more for my test tomorrow.  How well did you do?

Be well, BeLoveRs. Take care of wonderful YOU!