The Little Things

I’ve missed writing and think about it often, wondering what I would write if I chose to write each night I think about writing but don’t actually begin.

I’ve enjoyed the gift of time from not writing and also miss the days of continuity and focusing on what went well each day when I was writing. That yin and yang thing is always present and there are trade offs, aren’t there?

The little thing that caught my attention today was making the kids’ lunches again. I used to make their lunches, then Jeff made their lunches, and then they made their lunches, you know, practicing growing up and being responsible for taking care of themselves.  When we had our Japanese exchange student with us earlier this month, I was making breakfasts, lunches and dinners for everyone, including my BIG kids. After Kohei left, I kinda carried on and continued making lunches, gave up breakfasts and still make dinners. I realized I actually love making their lunches and the connection this creates, providing for them this way. I love that it makes them happy and takes a little bit of the burden away from their busy mornings, even if they could do it for themselves.  I love when Juliana texts me during the day to say how much she enjoyed what was prepared for her, or shares her gratitude and a moment of thought, connection, love.

I love the little things.IMG_8436 2

5 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Thank you Adrianna for your short essay. I enjoyed your writings last summer each day. You may not remember me, but I am a friend of Al Hughes, who I believe is your Grandfather. You got me in touch with him again after I was concerned that I didn’t get a Christmas card from him. I have enjoyed your musings as I suspect others on your friends list have. Gray Parks

  2. I made my kids lunches all the way thru high school, even though they could surely make them for themselves. I liked to think at least they were getting a healthy meal during the day. Now I still make lunch for Rob : )

  3. They are the little thing but glad to know your kids appreciate them.

    It was so nice to see you last night. Thanks for the jars.

    Is Jeff working now?

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