One Love

It’s been 15 years since the towers came down.

We show the world how we love one another, despite the negativity and pain and sadness that surrounds us and tries to divide us. This is the way we continue to rebuild hope and unity.

We love ourselves. We love our friends and family and our community. All of us.  Pay attention to these messages and stories and doing. Focus on what’s real and what’s important and do that.

As we continue to practice love and unity, we come together again and again. This is our daily bread, our daily practice and we are all capable and able and are thriving.  Pay attention to all that is good and create the love you want for yourself and your family and friends. Let’s continue to do the work together, to love one another, and especially the ones who don’t seem worthy.  They need loving too.

One Love. This is the answer.



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