Day 53: Summer

Jeff took Juliana out to practice her driving tonight, which made me happy. I love that she had time alone with her daddy and I know she appreciates his attention. I love when my family is content and together.

I sat down for a few minutes this evening, as I’m super tired today. As soon as I sat down to relax, my little partner came up and forced his way between my hands and my eyes, as I was looking at my phone, of course, catching up on social media.  He wanted my attention.

Do you see his paw?  That’s where it usually is. And if I stop petting him, he nuzzles a little closer. He makes me smile and helps me to relax.

But I can never sit for very long. I soon got up to tidy up, as having a clean kitchen always makes me happy. As I loaded the dishwasher and swiped down the counters, I looked up to find my buddies watching me again. 

Maybe they were telling me something, like they wanted some food? Or maybe they wanted me to go relax again.  I chose both options.

I’m thankful for my furry friends today. But Juliana is now asking for a dog…uh oh.

How was your summer day? What made you smile?

xo stay loved

4 thoughts on “Day 53: Summer

  1. That is the cutest picture of your cats-I’d frame that picture.

    Thanks for taking the time to surprise me at the shop. I loved the coffee-yum!!! & Juliana’s delicious scone. Love you friends

    Lovingly, Pat

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  2. A-You know what made me smile today?  The fact that you are now a full-fledged cat lover!!  :-)And that I volunteered at our cat shelter today (I’m an adoption counselor) & matched three kittens with new homes.  That  made me happy. Happy summer!-D

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