Day 49: Summer

Today was a long day and I was not comfortable. Some days are like that and I try to keep things in perspective, but today was a challenge. 

I think it’s partially because I don’t sleep well and am over tired. And partially it’s because it’s the end of a long week and my schedule was off with two days down in So Cal and everyone is home and in and out all day.

By the evening and after work, I took the time to make gazpacho, which I planned to make earlier in the week yet ran out of time. Jeff decided to try making us new cocktails, because we are having friends coming over and we wanted to be sure we know what we’re doing. We’re givers like that! The Dark and Stormy drink was delicious and refreshing.

By the time I was done prepping dinner and making the gazpacho, I was full and had no more room to eat anything that was prepared.

Tomorrow is another day. I am off to bed “early.”

Hope you had a good week. namaste.

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