Day 30: Summer

Simple joys.

I had to go into Anthropologie just to see the creative art displays.  

This one was made out of balloons and cupcake liners, tied together by string in such an artistic way. I love simple things like this. How about you?  And how do they come up with these crazy and beautiful ideas?  

Tomorrow is a new week. What do you have planned?  I hope you have a great week! 

xo Adriana


One thought on “Day 30: Summer

  1. Thanks for that picture-so simple yet beautiful. We ‘re on our way to Denver. Roswell was soooo hot-107 both days but enjoyed our visit with long time friends. Our next stop will be with long time friends from Wis. can’t wait saw them 8 yrs.ago but it has been longer for Chuck.

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